Art Space @ Yindela NEWS 26th July 2011
New works from the SEA!

Bear with mE!

Romper YES I know there are a few things I DIDN'T get around to this week, again a crazy one.
This week.... pinky promise :)
I feel like the teacher from Romper Room... I can see you Sandy, you Del, ANd you there Kirra!! You guys know the drill THURSDAY!!
Will be playing catch up this week... but on no a Military Ball and a friend's welcome home Fabulous Bollywood party two nights running :O
I know one things for sure a certain sculpture called "Perception" needs to be completed and how!
Cockatoo Are we ready for the LOCAL Birds exhibition??!! Hope so. (scroll down the post on link)
Opening Night is Thursday 14th July.
I'm loving seeing the amazing ways our theme is being interpreted. Aren't artists fun?!
If you missed out on being in this one... don't worry, I have plenty more group exhibitions up my sleeve.  For quick updates, join me at facebook ... link bottom right hand side of this blog.
Don't forget this is in support of the amazing Manly Environment Centre. We might be a 15min drive from it but they look after the waterways and environment we all use and are there for everyone.

BIG Art Prize news coming soon.... now THAT is a lot of work... but I'm very very exciited about it.
It's something I have a real 'thing' about and I'm so happy to have met someone with the same excitement over the project.

And I'm thinking of getting Zentangle Workshops/nights going... there aren't any on the Northside so mmmmm a fun thought.  Such an EASY art thing to do no matter what, even if you can't 'draw a straight line' and loads of meditation relaxation included. The applications are endless.  I snuck some into my Solo exhibition last year!  I'd go to Zentangle groups if there was one here.... soooo looks like I have to make one.
YES I know one more thing!.... but what is life for!?
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