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Astrology Birth Chart Workshop NEW PRICE

The universe is awesome!! :)
I was lamenting the fact that after I costed out this workshop I thought it was still too expensive but I had to cover costs. Along comes a BRILLIANT clever earth loving soul (thanks Jimmy) and  connects me with a wonderful resource I didn't know about!
Sooooo what does this mean?? EVERYTHING is the same BUT now THIS workshop is now much more affordable. :D
$90 - EVERYTHING included.
I have 5 places left -  $50 deposit on booking
ANd those that have already booked, I'll be emailing today to readjust your balance (now $40)



OK next arty workshop....
Astrology Crystal Gemstone BirthChart Necklace! Monday 25th July 7pm
EVERYTHING INCLUDED in this fun easy class where you will create a gorgeous 60cm long crystal gemstone and glass necklace using your  birth chart (chart included! )
Kit of charged precious crystals, handmade glass filler beads (your choice of colour - black shown in examples) and findings.
You will learn some easy 'secret' techniques to set things when you create your own "Sun" pendant.
My examples feature pieces of treasured broken jewellery reset into my 'Suns" if you have anything, (stone, crystal, orphan earring) that you think could be used for your pendant, bring it along.
You will leave class with a personal necklace that IS your birth chart, lots of fun basic astrology notes and ideas to create more. PLUS new skills to create your own pendants and set cystals and treasures for other projects.  TO book [email protected]
For flyer and more information:
email me [email protected]  as I do create them for people... they really make precious very individual gifts. I can draw up your birth chart too at no additional cost. Your choice of  sun inspired pendant created by me included.