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Witches Protection Nicho

Wp1 What do like better than creating something for an exhibition? Doing a commission!!
I was in creative bliss making this Nicho.
It's a very serious subject, but still I felt so happy and grounded while he came to life in my hands.
Many times I've had this talk with people on WHERE I find my treasures.  People wonder about the origins of the things I add to the provided pieces I sometimes am given to include in my sculptures.
I know I'm a bit 'out there' at times but seriously, they really do just seem to be there when I need them.
I do have a little storage room, little being the word! I think of it like the Magic Pudding because I always seem to have enough of what I want when I go to it!!
But as I recycle and take a keen interest in that which is already here I think it really helps my process. opps arty farty talk! lol
Let me rephrase....
Being a Bowerbird helps me make stuff :D

This commission, from a very dear friend (no pun intended... oh maybe!) :)  , was created without any provided elements from the client. AHHH I dislike that word... what's a better word for art client?  Art Lover!
SO, I created it from her wishes and suggestions and I found every single item living in my Magic Pudding Closet... oh hang on... I found the can in Garigal National Park... I do love to rescue discarded things and give them new life after all. I'm not going to tell you all WHICH sort of can... mmm perhaps we should have a guessing game :)
Exciting?! YES! Well I think so.

I stand before you, bright protection.
Negativity and harm fall at my feet

empowered & blessed sculpture

 26 x 22 x 9cms
empowered & blessed sculpture
pendants: floral pentagram c1990s, small pentacle & silver  loop modern, oak leaf c1980s,
bottling lid c1950s, ethically collected hen feathers, typewriter keys c1960s,
brass frame c1980s, antler branches c1990s, black tourmaline, glass spell bottle, jet beads,
Japanese pendant c1980s, drink can, clays, nails, paint

Intention: Protection
Moon: full
Tarot: strength
Flower: peony
Colours: Black =protection, orange = strength, gold = healing energy, silver = wards off negativity
Herbs/Plants: frankincense, oak, rowan
Animal: Antlers = owners totem
Crystals/stones: black tourmaline, jet
Metal: silver & gold

I've created and exhibited Nichos for a long time... they are based on the Mexican Nichos,
a little shrine used to display saints and icons, usually the Virgin Mary.  I fell in love with
them after living on the border in San Diego, USA. The Mexican people make them out
of what ever they can find and you will mostly see them in missions and Churches but I've
also experienced amazing creations protecting homes and businesses. Beginning usually
with a base of tin, they then use paper, paint and found objects to create these
very sacred and precious little  shrines.
My  nichos are created in the magic workshop from found treasures and objects then
brought to life through meditation, ritual and lots of love.
Blessed and Empowered.

of course I can!
Goddesses, Gods, Animal Totems, Reasons, Seasons, Spells, Intentions, People,
ANYTHING your little heart wishes. :)
email me: [email protected]

If you want to. You can give me everything, some things, or nothing all, I really don't mind.

Ohhhhhh a very special Nicho for an ART BLOKE who sometimes doesn't think he is! :D
But first it's Tarot reading on the high seas of Sydney Harbour tomorrow before I get back into the studio.

Wishing you all a weekend filled with Flowers & Happy Blessings,