Over-head-projectors8OK now, I never ask for anything BUT today I'm asking and I'm happy to give in return. As some of you know I have some AWESOME young artists under my arty wings.
There is something I need for one of my girls that is a little beyond me at present and I'm hoping SOMEONE out there can help me.
I need an overhead projector.
As long as it works... she needs it to create a series of stencils for panels she is painting for her very first exhibition. AMAZING work (I'll show you soon!) and I'd like to then encourage others with this process as it really appeals to this age group at the moment.
SO if you have one, and I'm thinking it probably IS something someone has sitting around unused... I can give it new life and an exciting one at that!
What can I give you? I'll create a sculpture or pendant for you.  Anything you would like.
Projector has to be in Sydney so I can pick it up.
MANY thanks and joy to anyone who can help. :)

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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