Ocean Kiss

Art Coffee Music & Dessert!??

Owl coffee WOW....
Yindela Street Cafe is just getting better!
Starting in a week or so (date soon), Yindela will be open every Thursday and Friday evening 5 to 10pm... the lights go down and it's music, dessert, great coffee and awesome ART.
Come and get your groove on :)
Me? I'm glad it's a nice brisk walk to Yindeal from my place so if I AM tempted by Glenn's magical desserts well at least I can work off the calories.

Don't forget our very first Art Exhibition Opening Night is coming up...
Sabrina Layoun - 23rd June 7pm... short intro talk from artist and curator at 8pm.
The first solo exhibition of this incredibly talented local young artist.
19 year old 'Sub' as she is known creates the most stunning artworks featuring her clever stencil, paint and collage style.
Yindela Street Cafe is your local meeting place and I'm thrilled to be able to show you who's in the neighbourhood. I hope you will support them in coming along to opening nights to say hi and have a look at what's happening in studios, spare rooms, garages, and in schools in your community.