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Ocean Kiss

   L4WELL... a few months being born this one... here she is... mmmmm she needs a name! I think I will leave that to the new owner.
My VERY first Mermaid too!
SL1he features a hand sculptured face (by me) and treasures given to me by the new owner.
I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say who just yet. She swims home this week.

YES I can... my very first Mermaid belongs to the my inspirational beautiful friend
Lucy Cavendish.

"Ocean Kiss"
40 x 25 x 20cm
sculpture and assemblage
wooden block c1940s  - old wharf  HMAS Penguin Dive Annex, Taylors Point, Sydney; reclaimed metals, bottle c1980s, glomesh purse piece c1980s, hand dyed silk, reclaimed wedding dress c1990s; glass topaz coloured hair slide c1980s, hand dyed cottons, doll hands c1990s; pearls (Mermaids earrings) rosary c1950s;  brass furniture fittings c1960s; sequins c1960s; Indian bindis; gold embellished shell pendant c1980s; ceramics, art mediums;  wires, paint.
Client provided: freshwater pearl earring, shells, stone with sea plant, crystal balls.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the little stone with the tiny sea tree that she wanted included!


YES... I HAVE started another Mermaid... how could I not! Such a joy to create.






















Art Coffee Music & Dessert!??

Owl coffee WOW....
Yindela Street Cafe is just getting better!
Starting in a week or so (date soon), Yindela will be open every Thursday and Friday evening 5 to 10pm... the lights go down and it's music, dessert, great coffee and awesome ART.
Come and get your groove on :)
Me? I'm glad it's a nice brisk walk to Yindeal from my place so if I AM tempted by Glenn's magical desserts well at least I can work off the calories.

Don't forget our very first Art Exhibition Opening Night is coming up...
Sabrina Layoun - 23rd June 7pm... short intro talk from artist and curator at 8pm.
The first solo exhibition of this incredibly talented local young artist.
19 year old 'Sub' as she is known creates the most stunning artworks featuring her clever stencil, paint and collage style.
Yindela Street Cafe is your local meeting place and I'm thrilled to be able to show you who's in the neighbourhood. I hope you will support them in coming along to opening nights to say hi and have a look at what's happening in studios, spare rooms, garages, and in schools in your community.


Over-head-projectors8OK now, I never ask for anything BUT today I'm asking and I'm happy to give in return. As some of you know I have some AWESOME young artists under my arty wings.
There is something I need for one of my girls that is a little beyond me at present and I'm hoping SOMEONE out there can help me.
I need an overhead projector.
As long as it works... she needs it to create a series of stencils for panels she is painting for her very first exhibition. AMAZING work (I'll show you soon!) and I'd like to then encourage others with this process as it really appeals to this age group at the moment.
SO if you have one, and I'm thinking it probably IS something someone has sitting around unused... I can give it new life and an exciting one at that!
What can I give you? I'll create a sculpture or pendant for you.  Anything you would like.
Projector has to be in Sydney so I can pick it up.
MANY thanks and joy to anyone who can help. :)

Art Space@Yindela New Exhibition!

Mr1 If you would like to keep up to date with what's on at Yindela, we have our Blog!

Had loads of fun setting up our new exhibition at Yindela yesterday!

WOW... it's bustling in the Cafe! Testament to Glen's amazing coffee, service and style.
Love the big lounges he has put in, think I might be taking the laptop up there to study this week.
Our new artist is a local who dropped in for a coffee one day! That's what the Art Space at Yindela is all about, an opportunity for locals to share what they do.
Michele Roach paints straight from the heart, love that! Her 'Rock' series are my favourites. The nestled rocks and earth beneath us in rich colours and such interesting patterns are intriguing and beautiful. I don't think I could ever get tired of them.
Michele has also included landscapes including Vienna (which proved very popular during our installation day!) and local dreamy seascapes.
We have cheekily extended around the corner of the Art Space and hung two of Michele's very vibrant, fun works of dancers.

Sticks and Stones - The Bluff 600cm x 900cm
Michele Roach

13th May - 3rd June 2011

My name is Michele Roach and I am a mother and grandmother.
I have spent most of my life as a Health Care Professional, helping
others and watching life happen to “other people”. I particularly
loved working in Palliative Care, and would like to think I made this
journey less painful for a lot of patients and their families.

All this changed for me 18 months ago, with a devastating diagnosis
of Parkinson ’s Disease.

Work outside the home became impossible after a while, and I
decided to reacquaint myself with my old hobby of painting.
This quickly became my therapy and my total escape.
Soon I was back taking Art lessons and trying to learn more about
what had now become my passion.

I would like to share some of my journey with you through the
paintings here today. I hope the message you take away is
“living in the moment” and “when one door closes, another opens”.

You just have to keep knocking!

For more information about Michele’s work or to purchase
please contact her on:
Mobile 0402 213 773 or 9453 0329
Website www.

Angela Von Boxtel - 3rd June
a local artist who works tirelessly to promote art and artist opportunities for all.
Her own work is just amazing... can't wait to show you all.

mark your diaries as we have our first OPENING NIGHT!
Sabrina Layoun - 23rd June
The first solo exhibition of this incredibly talented local young artist.

"Local Birds" - July 8th
our first Group Show! start creating.
Small works only please. (60 x 60cm max) more news soon

*if you are interested in exhibiting either a solo body of work or joining one of our group shows please contact me [email protected]

Witches Protection Nicho

Wp1 What do like better than creating something for an exhibition? Doing a commission!!
I was in creative bliss making this Nicho.
It's a very serious subject, but still I felt so happy and grounded while he came to life in my hands.
Many times I've had this talk with people on WHERE I find my treasures.  People wonder about the origins of the things I add to the provided pieces I sometimes am given to include in my sculptures.
I know I'm a bit 'out there' at times but seriously, they really do just seem to be there when I need them.
I do have a little storage room, little being the word! I think of it like the Magic Pudding because I always seem to have enough of what I want when I go to it!!
But as I recycle and take a keen interest in that which is already here I think it really helps my process. opps arty farty talk! lol
Let me rephrase....
Being a Bowerbird helps me make stuff :D

This commission, from a very dear friend (no pun intended... oh maybe!) :)  , was created without any provided elements from the client. AHHH I dislike that word... what's a better word for art client?  Art Lover!
SO, I created it from her wishes and suggestions and I found every single item living in my Magic Pudding Closet... oh hang on... I found the can in Garigal National Park... I do love to rescue discarded things and give them new life after all. I'm not going to tell you all WHICH sort of can... mmm perhaps we should have a guessing game :)
Exciting?! YES! Well I think so.

I stand before you, bright protection.
Negativity and harm fall at my feet

empowered & blessed sculpture

 26 x 22 x 9cms
empowered & blessed sculpture
pendants: floral pentagram c1990s, small pentacle & silver  loop modern, oak leaf c1980s,
bottling lid c1950s, ethically collected hen feathers, typewriter keys c1960s,
brass frame c1980s, antler branches c1990s, black tourmaline, glass spell bottle, jet beads,
Japanese pendant c1980s, drink can, clays, nails, paint

Intention: Protection
Moon: full
Tarot: strength
Flower: peony
Colours: Black =protection, orange = strength, gold = healing energy, silver = wards off negativity
Herbs/Plants: frankincense, oak, rowan
Animal: Antlers = owners totem
Crystals/stones: black tourmaline, jet
Metal: silver & gold

I've created and exhibited Nichos for a long time... they are based on the Mexican Nichos,
a little shrine used to display saints and icons, usually the Virgin Mary.  I fell in love with
them after living on the border in San Diego, USA. The Mexican people make them out
of what ever they can find and you will mostly see them in missions and Churches but I've
also experienced amazing creations protecting homes and businesses. Beginning usually
with a base of tin, they then use paper, paint and found objects to create these
very sacred and precious little  shrines.
My  nichos are created in the magic workshop from found treasures and objects then
brought to life through meditation, ritual and lots of love.
Blessed and Empowered.

of course I can!
Goddesses, Gods, Animal Totems, Reasons, Seasons, Spells, Intentions, People,
ANYTHING your little heart wishes. :)
email me: [email protected]

If you want to. You can give me everything, some things, or nothing all, I really don't mind.

Ohhhhhh a very special Nicho for an ART BLOKE who sometimes doesn't think he is! :D
But first it's Tarot reading on the high seas of Sydney Harbour tomorrow before I get back into the studio.

Wishing you all a weekend filled with Flowers & Happy Blessings,



Website Tidyup

Well it came to my attention, after giving someone else website advice, that my own backyard was rather messy! It's the old plumber story. :)
So this week I've been doing a tidy up.  Still working on it... but pretty happy so far.
The quickest updates will still always be here on my blog, but for overall information, and by the end of this week, lots of galleries, head to my main website.
If you are looking to purchase my work, most of the information and price estimates are there too.
Due to a very full schedule, available pieces for sale will be scarce for the remainder of the year, BUT I will be able to accommodate commissions. First in best dressed!


"To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong."
Joseph Chilton Pearce