1 2 3 As the veil lifts...

I created my Absent Friends Fairy a few years ago, actually for an exhibition, then quickly withdrew her from sale on opening night as I loved her too much!

She was created in greens for a different reason and though not traditional with Samhains' colours of harvest, she still says it all for me. Her green is tinged with the coming winter rust hues that will slowly envelope her.

A look towards the last of Summer warmth.

She (name my secret!) now always  enjoys pride of place on my Samhain Alter.
The rest of the year, she stands watch over the Magic Workshop.

TONIGHT! A night of communication, reflection, the death of that not wanted or needed anymore. The year ends, time to retreat a little and look within.


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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Anzac Day Pendant

Apr 29
Oh I DID forget to post this pic.... Thank you for reminders. :) This is the pendant I created to wear on Anzac Day. Thank you for all the nice comments on the day. It features many layers of items...
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May 1
...night falls on Samhain eve.... the veil thins. Hope you all had a magickal night! Blessings, Cheralyn xx