Rhiannon Commission

R2 I know it's been a while since I've shared pictures of one of my girls/guys. So here is a commission that is going to her new home today! Ohhhh I don't want to let her go!! I ALWAYS do this... :)
Maybe that's why it's raining so heavily in Sydney today. Making it very hard to organize her photo shoot!
Rhiannon is created from found objects and a few treasures that Linda had given me to include. To give you a better idea of my process... these are the items Linda gave me....Rhiannon's head circlet was created from a bracelet that her brother brought for her in Asia. The gemstones around her hips and the jade flower at center are from that bracelet. The silver bracelet around her waist (the tiny joined flowers) was a gift from her parents when she was very young and Rhiannon's necklace was refashioned from one given to her by a Aunt. The silver bracelet on her lower hips was provided by Linda as well.
Everything else? Well I found all those treasures to compliment.
I hand dye and paint the textiles that I use to dress my sculptures and they are all from recycled clothing.
The hair? SECRET! But my process begins with a recycled building material.
The faces? Ceramic. I sculpt them by hand.

R3 "Rhiannon"
for Linda
56 x 28 x 18 cm
sculpture and assemblage of found objects
Cheralyn Darcey 2011

hand dyed and painted recycled textiles, glomesh purse c1960s, brass liquor cup c1970s, brass incense burner c1970s, trophy c1990s, clay covers wine bottle c1970s, owl brooch c1980s, doll arms c1980s, reclaimed metals and wire, ethically collected bird feathers, leather strap, ceramics, paint, necklace and  bracelets - client provided.

Although I am very busy at present I can slip in a couple of commissions over the coming months.
You can contact me on cheralyn@hotmail.com 

STOP PRESS....I have now found that Domayne (the home-ware store) sells glass domes with fit over my sculptures for $85. I had been asked about this. It's really not necessary for my sculptures but if you like the added protection/look of the dome, they are perfect.

OTHER FAQs of late...
Can I layby?
Yes you can
Can I pay with a credit card?
Well I take paypal so yes
Can you make anything?
lol.... just about
Do you make Gods (guys?)
yes I do
I don't have any treasures to give you is that ok?
sure it is

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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