April 2011

Clearance Diver Necklace

Diverpendant Well it's all about the boys this week!
It's been sooooo long since I created one of my found treasures jewellery pieces for MYSELF. With the 60th Anniversary Clearance Divers Ball/Dinner  JUST around the corner I thought I better get a move on.
VERY very hard to photograph, the crystals are actually very bright.

(not sure WHAT to call it yet!)  :)
10cm x 5cm
Created from a rosary c1940s, USN Master Chiefs Badge (our posting in the USA was a huge turning point in my life), a Diver charm c1952 UK (it's suppose to be Jacques Clouseau),  Swarovski crystals from an earring belonging to my grandmother c1950s, octopus charms from a pair of earrings and marcasite  base pendant.
The center crystal feature and hanging pearl strands all move freely like beautiful corals, sea grasses & bubbles.

I'll wear it choker style and attach a black velvet ribbon to the end of the pearls and tie at back.
NFS... my precious!
 The dress it's going with and I'm wearing a Dark Muse Corset over the top :)

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻

As Promised....

I've hand coloured with Lumiere Brass Paint...
in person, it looks just like... well BRASS! :)
"One For the Boys" Brass -  Number 1 of Open edition
30 x 20cm
Hand printed linocut, hand coloured
contact: cheralyn@hotmail
Unframed, signed and numbered. (no watermark of course)
postage included.....
Black Ink (as is) $55
Black Ink +Painted (Brass colour or your choice) $85
Professionally framed  from an additional $60
OR can be printed in other colours as required.

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻

TShirt one is available!

Loads of colours and you can even have it on a girls t shirt, childs t shirt, long sleeve ts and other things.  You can 'test' out all the colours and styles on screen too before you buy. I love the people at Red Bubble... always do an awesome job.
Order HERE... ps THANK YOU all for the support... very nice
I will be adding variations over the weekend.



bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻

Diver! sneek peek.

Have been working away with MUCH joy with one of my all time favourite mediums... Linocutting! No presses here.... I'm a girl who likes her print making to LOOK rough and ready,  like it's been drawn by hand,  carved by hand and printed by hand... because it IS and printed with a REAL leaf barren to boot. (that there is a barren)   Barren Of course each print will then differ... but THAT'S what I adore about it.... and remember THERE ARE NO MISTAKES IN ART... ONLY OPPORTUNITIES!
This is not what I'm creating for upcoming exhbition but my two Clearance Divers  both asked... "Um that new work there? can you do a Divers helmet??" Well yes boys... I can!....

Temptation to add cheesy military poster slogan is getting to me though.... 

"One for the Boys"
30 x 20cm printing ink on bamboo paper

Oh for sale for sale! Will be adding to my madeit site later today but email me if you would like one.... cheralyn@hotmail.com
Unframed, signed and numbered. (no watermark of course)
postage included.....
Black Ink (as is) $55
Black Ink +Gold Leafed $110
Black Ink +Painted (Brass colour or your choice) $85
OR can be printed in other colours as required.  Maybe you would like to go all Andy Warhole? :)
 I'll have some examples of hand coloured ones up soon.

NOW as to my secret work for exhibition....  a mermaid stole my first ones! :)

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻