Birth Moon Phases

I had a friend (hi Sue!) VERY excited about something she saw at the Easter Show in Sydney. A company selling pendants featuring the phase of the moon you where born under. She didn't understand what it meant or how it worked so asked me yesterday. Yes it's handy to have a Witch at work. :) A great idea,  I wished she had of purchased one so I could of seen it and now I've explained it,  she wants one!
I'm at once a little sad but very happy.... firstly at another realization of our disconnection with the world around us and then elated with the increasing interest to relearn what was always there.
We all pretty much understand our "Star sign", actually our Sun sign. It relates to the position the Sun was in at our time of birth, which star constellation it was moving in. I'm a Leo, yes surprise!, and so the Sun at that time was within the Leo constellation.
NOW, don't get confused with this Luna Phase 'thing'. It DOESN'T relate to to the position the Moon was IN at the time of your birth. EG, My Moon was in Cancer at the time. shhhhh! :)
AND if you want to know what your moon sign is... try this site Moon Sign Calculator.
Sooooo.....What your Luna Birth Phase relates to is the PHASE OF THE MOON on THE DAY of your birth. So was it Full? Was is crescent? Mine was a Waning Crescent... ALMOST a New Moon...

ohhhhhh Pretty!
To find out? Well don't we love the internet! There are lots of Moon Phase calculators online. Now BE CAREFUL, to get the right view, (the phase will be the same  it just looks a little different) make sure you are using the one for your hemisphere. Most of my blog readers are here in Australia, so it's the Southern Hemisphere for you...
The Sydney Observator has a great one with a nice collection of Luna information.
You can see any date you are interested in from the past, present and future.

and at you can look at Northern Hemisphere dates as well.So now we know... what next?
Well I am strongly aware of the phases of the moon and it's effects on me. What is interesting to note is the personal effects connected with your Birth Phase.
As an example, I was born coming up pretty close to a New Moon, so that is my most energetic time. When I feel most at ease, active, alert and 'myself'. I seem to be at my most creative then too. The opposite, the Full Moon? Well I guess I fit right in with the typical 'Full Moon' personae! I'm restless and not always myself. But I know why. :)
Keeping track and planning ahead...
I always purchase a Luna Diary of some sort... this year I tried and loved Stacey DeMarcos' one... very stylish, full of wonderful seasonal and moon information... I dont think it's too late to grab one, try her site.

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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