Aphrodite Dreams Renewed Nicho
Rhiannon Commission

Nyctimene Nicho

Owl1 Nyctimene Nicho        
The darkness lights,
I see with wisdom and insight.
My path is sure, protected, illuminated

26 x 24 x 6cms
empowered & blessed sculpture -
preserve bottling lids c1950s, bird cage pendant, teaspoon c1950s, ethically collected bird feathers, found metal fragments, faux pearls c1980s, metal leaf found at Manly Lagoon, Sydney, drink can collected from Shelly Beach, Sydney, clays, nails, paint

This piece features the depiction of the  full moon as a large white pearl in full view on the leaf at the bottom of Nicho and the New Moon (a black pearl) partially hidden behind the bird cage in center.
Moon: all phases
Tarot: Justice
Flower: Queen of the Night, Evening Primrose
Crystals/Stones: Hemiker diamond, diamond, pearl, moonstone
Herbs/plants: sage, angelica, myrrh
Dieties: Athena

Owl4 Included is her  Meditation Journey and information leaflet.
No two could ever be the same due to the very nature of their creation.
$80 + postage via paypal or bank deposit (I post anywhere, if in Sydney you can collect)
Contact [email protected]
Commissions undertaken entwining your ideas, wishes and dreams.


And so Nic
ho number two is ready!
Created during the last Luna Cycle. Which brings me to this, I am creating three Nichos this coming Full Moon and if you would like one based on a diety, animal or anything that inspires you, please let me know.   I can really only begin the creation of three at a time and the whole process takes at least a week. My Nichos are created with many layers and painted with a multitude of glazes. I then empower and bless each and at times I need to take them for a trip in the bush or the to the sea.
You will need to let me know via facebook or email: [email protected]  this  by Thursday 14th. ONLY TWO PLACES LEFT!
 (detail from Nyctimene)

Ohhhh there was a question re how they are hung.... On the back of each I do affix a small D ring. I hang my Nichos above my alter from a simple wall hook. I am working on stands for them at present.

I've created and exhibited Nichos for a long time... they are based on the Mexican Nichos, a little shrine used to display saints and icons, usually the Virgin Mary.  I fell in love with them after living on the border in San Diego, USA. The Mexican people make them out of what ever they can find and you will mostly see them in missions and Churches but I've also experienced amazing creations protecting homes and businesses. Beginning usually with a base of tin, they then use paper, paint and found objects to create these very sacred and precious little  shrines.

Like all of my sculptural works, my Nichos are a combination of ceramics and found objects. after a lifetime of creating art in many mediums, I found complete synergy with the art form of assemblage about 10 years ago. Using what is already here in combination with fine art materials delights my heart and adds many layers to the stories I wish to share in my art. You can see more of my works www.cheralyndarcey.com