Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

While many of you know I consider myself a 'Pagan' artist, the heart of what this really means to me is that I'm an environmental artist. My art is my 'craft' in every sense of the word. 
Each piece I create, be it a sculpture, a piece of jewellery, a painting.... has a deep connection via intent and process with my concerns, love and energy for our environment.
Am I always successful? Am I ALWAYS achieving 100% Eco 'safe' best standards in my practice? No I'm not! BUT I get close most of the time and the closer you are, be it creating artworks, running your home or a corporation, the better it is for THE EARTH.
It's not about close enough is good enough either... it's about every tiny step counting.... learning along the way and being a seeker. How can I do better? How will my endeavours effect the environment? What can I do to make the impact smaller.
I do create things out of found items and 'rubbish' :) ..... for example....YES they are drink cans I've actually found on the beach and in the bush and street in my Nichos. I use these as a way of changing that energy. Something carelessly discarded, impacting negatively on our precious earth is removed, cleansed and then becomes the message of what we can make of anything. It's all about that moment of choice. Lots of layers!
Everyday practice for me... well I am earth friendly in my home, as much as I possibly can be and always trying to improve.
My art practice itself, while using found objects and recycled materials also includes the use of eco safe best practice. No paint dumping for starters!  I'm happy to have found lots of new Eco safe products, paints, adhesives and mediums coming onto our market this very year and will be talking about them soon as well.
Enough about ME.... it's all about YOU today.... take time out from those Easter treats and think... "What can I do better for the Earth"
You don't have to be the perfect Eco Warrior but every tiny change is needed.
Happiest Blessings!

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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