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Clearance Diver Necklace

Diverpendant Well it's all about the boys this week!
It's been sooooo long since I created one of my found treasures jewellery pieces for MYSELF. With the 60th Anniversary Clearance Divers Ball/Dinner  JUST around the corner I thought I better get a move on.
VERY very hard to photograph, the crystals are actually very bright.

(not sure WHAT to call it yet!)  :)
10cm x 5cm
Created from a rosary c1940s, USN Master Chiefs Badge (our posting in the USA was a huge turning point in my life), a Diver charm c1952 UK (it's suppose to be Jacques Clouseau),  Swarovski crystals from an earring belonging to my grandmother c1950s, octopus charms from a pair of earrings and marcasite  base pendant.
The center crystal feature and hanging pearl strands all move freely like beautiful corals, sea grasses & bubbles.

I'll wear it choker style and attach a black velvet ribbon to the end of the pearls and tie at back.
NFS... my precious!
 The dress it's going with and I'm wearing a Dark Muse Corset over the top :)