Djarruga Totem Meditation

This Week...17th March 2011

WOW what a week!
I have had a few commissions on the boil and they all seem to be needed YESTERDAY!
Seriously, this Friday! That's opening night at the Manly Art Gallery & Museum too! :0
Hope that whoever can make it, makes it!.... I'll be there at 6pm. Details
My Punki has to review an exhibition for Sydney Uni... guess which one she picked!!?

Japan & Dreams
It's been a very sad week too. Japan is a place very close to my heart. As much as I bubble on,  I can't really lift my spirits. Heart is heavy, very heavy. I know we are feeling the same.
I've had a strong reoccuring dream about a tornado since the last dark moon and though it came again last night, I do hope that was that. It was so vivid and ominous. I was lying on the floor holding a table leg, the wind so strong through the broken windows. I could see this tornado that was kilometers wide. Dark darkest grey.
My 'guy' was there again. The one who seems to always be in these dreams and visions but this time he was in modern dress. Jeans!! He was laying next to me trying to say something in my ear, shouting, but I couldn't hear him. Then I wake.
I'll be looking at ways to help with the efforts in Japan and I'm sure you all will too.  If anyone hears of any organization needing artworks or jewellery to raise funds, send me the details.

Whappiness-378x530 Nichos
So happy with the response to the first Nicho I've made for a while.
Thank you again everyone! The support has really made me feel wonderful. The Admiral tells me these where always his favourite. He surprises me. :)
Oh yes... a few requests for tshirts based on my new artworks ... that's a YES! Soon. I had computer   now have FOUND Photoshop discs for laptop so back in business, give me a few days. Thanks again to those who keep buying the old ones. VERY exciting.

2157881421_da9ea50a49 Tiddalick Commission
So this week, the BIG REVEAL.... A commission of Tiddalick the Frog for a very wonderful patron of the arts, Jane Barnes! (google this fun and timely Indigenous Dreamtime story and also "Australian Water Holding Frog") He will star center stage at the upcoming International Environmental Conference in Sydney later this year, for which Jane has generously allowed me to loan him back.
 PS... that's a photo of the REAL thing... will post lots of photos of my sculpture here on weekend.

Gods_and_titans__05573_zoom And then
Looking forward to Stacey Demarco's new deck arriving... "Gods and Titians" .... need to get in touch with those blokes a bit more myself... they are AMAZING cards. Wish mine where here YESTERDAY!!  Can't wait :)
have a look

OK BIG PLUG for my new hairdresser!! After a search for the past TEN YEARS for someone to do my hair. Remembering that I am not a fussy person, just have very unusual hair... have found not only people who listen, who are upbeat, fun and NICE but do an AMAZING job too... LUXE at Chatswood Chase in Sydney... add REASONABLE price. 

So this week after Opening Night it's a Saturday of reading Tarot & a little dash of Palmistry.... then next week... MERMAIDS... you asked... I'm about to deliver. :)
Happiest Blessings