The Flower Hunter
International Conference for Environment Centres 2011

The Light & Shadow Box

Barnes1 This was a wonderful commission!

Completed today....  As you know I adore creating with found objects but even more
so when I'm giBarnes5ven the honour of creating an artwork with precious treasures of great meaning.


Working with such energy really is a huge responsibility and one I never take lightly. 


Being trusted to create something aesthetic as well as sometimes healing, cleansed and focused  with new intent is one of the greatest joys I am privileged to enjoy.  


  This lovely had a collection of family treasures that they didn't want made into individual pieces, but rather one work of art.
They certainly felt they didn't want them sitting in drawers anymore.

Most of these pieces are from Ireland... one has Belfast Council inscribed on it, very old very precious.

 I've left all the pieces untouched by paint or mediums and they could be taken off in the future, easily cleaned up and reused.


The client loves shadowboxes and I had looked at the various ways I could create one....Then I thought... I want to make it look like a piece of art and these pieces are far too precious to hidden in the shadows... so I gilded an old frame and set it into a canvas... secret secret techniques followed (oh not really!) and here we have it!



That's a beautiful pair of cameo earrings I've set into the top of the frame and a bracelet along the bottom edge. The little boxes where way too gorgeous to not include.  Barnes3 
Don't you just adore the writing on the tiny white box? Treasure!
Everything you see in this artwork is created from recycled or re-purposed materials except the mediums and paints.
The frame was a gorgeous find at council clean up, all brown and dusty.... the canvas was one that sat sadly in a corner of charity shop with a big dent and a glittery collage on it.
The nook? Ahhhh shhhh secret! ;) I can't tell you EVERYTHING! But it's a common household thing.
The little stands that pop some of the treasures up are dice! AND the Gold Leaf was a FIND! Garage Sale :) See you NEVER EVER know....