Frog2 "Tiddalick" the Australian water holding frog is home with his new family now BUT you can see him at my exhibition at the International  Environmental  Conference in Sydney later this year! He is my star! :) He is an outdoor sculpture and about 4 feet long. Created from a shattered Irish vase that is very precious to this family... commissioned to me with the brief to create a garden piece of healing energy. So happy that the Barnes family is loaning him back for the exhibition. I am one of six Australian artists selected to present a room of artwork each at the Conference.

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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This Week...17th March 2011

Mar 17
WOW what a week! I have had a few commissions on the boil and they all seem to be needed YESTERDAY! Seriously, this Friday! That's opening night at the Manly Art Gallery & Museum too! :0 Hope that whoever can...
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Dragon Heart

Mar 21
Had a wonderful coffee that almost turned into dinner with Trish from Mermaids Garden yesterday! Love her essences and her bath salts are really magickal!! But more importantly I adore her as a friend and someone who shares my passion...