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Manly Art Gallery Opening

Morningsdetail1 I have a piece in the "Frameworks" exhibition at Manly Art Gallery opening next Friday evening 18th March. I'm exhibiting with 7 other AMAZING Northern Beaches artists who I adore.
No sculpture this time! It's one of my drawing/collages.
Frameworks consists of 8 framed works displayed outside the Gallery and in Market Place, Manly. The idea is to make art more accessible and part of the environment.
So excited with this one as the brief touched on Joseph Cornell (I'm a BIG fan)... I am totally at the edge of my seat waiting to see how the others interpreted the theme!!!!

SO after jumping up and down and doing the happy dance *ohhhh Joseph Cornell, yeah yeah yeah*
I created THIS.....
"The Intersection of Mornings"
My piece, looks at the compartmentalisation our words bring about. How we twist words, how we label people, things, ideas. I drew a huge shell to symbolize something organic and with it's lines spiraling through the words I sought to illustrate fluid natural ideas. Each pattern represents the patterns of the environment around us and the feeling that we are also connected but have our own unique patterns.
The technical stuff!... The pages are originals from a library edition dictionary printed in 1950. It was nearly destroyed and I've saved some of the pages to use in my works. I have used ink, pastel, pen and collaged found objects from Manly in it's creation. Look closely at each page, there is a little connecting secret.

The 100% sized print is featured in Frameworks, the original is available.
If you can make it to Opening Night at the Manly Art Gallery... that would be wonderful!
Look forward to seeing you.

Manly Art Gallery & Museum presents

Friday 18th March 2011 6 - 8pm
Manly Art Gallery & Museum
18th March - 21st August 2011
ARTISTS' TALK SUNDAY 3rd April 2011, 3pm