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International Conference for Environment Centres 2011

International Conference for Environment Centres Sydney Australia 2011
I am soooooo honoured to be selected for this VERY VERY special event.
This conference is still calling for papers and  presentations too SO if that is something that interests you or you know someone, pass it on. 
Six Australian Artists will be exhibiting a room of art each. (Already selected sorry other art friends!). As well as a exhibiting, we will also be set up 'in studio' all week, creating. So YES you can come and watch us 'at work'....... AND  some of us (yes me!) will be doing workshops.
I will be showing most medias that I work in... sculpture, painting, printmaking and jewellery.
YES Tiddalick will be there with me.... my little (BIG!) star
Environment Centres are so important, and I know this will be such a brilliant event and opportunity for all.

This year has been very important as I've focused on this event.  I've had to say no (sorry!) to many events and commissions as my heart is with the Environment Centres and the tireless work THEY do for us. Art is the language I speak and this is my chance to shout, sing and perhaps get others to join in. :) never know... perhaps if we care a little more about our environment... the mermaids will come back.... shhhhhhhh ;)