Tiny Works Art Prize!

Dragon Heart

Had a wonderful coffee that almost turned into dinner with Trish from Mermaids Garden yesterday! Love her essences and her bath salts are really magickal!! But more importantly I adore her as a friend and someone who shares my passion for the earth. Such a beautiful person.
We talked about her journeys, possibilities and good old fashioned mermaidy giggles... well you know mermaid to dragon stuff :) AND on that look what I found!!!! Well Trish found and passed over to me... My Dragons' Heart! What timing, the right day and all. Such a powerful treasure to work with. I dedicated and blessed him last night, slept with him under my pillow, dreamt of the most wonderous things and then awoke with renewed passion and strengths this morning. He may become a pendant (sorry for Me!) but I will leave him as be for now. PS... It's Fire Agate!