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Djarruga Totem Meditation

DJARRUGA Scrub Hen Totem Nicho

Dj1W"Djarruga"  my lastest Totem Nicho enbodies the spirit and blessings of the Australian Orange-Footed Scrub Hen. 
I've created and exhibited Nichos for a long time... they are based on the Mexican Nichos, a little shrine used to display saints. I fell in love with them after living on the border. The Mexican people make them out of what ever they can find and you will mostly see them in missions and Churches but I've experienced amazing creations protecting homes and businesses.
These are my first spirit totem nichos, created in the magick workshop through meditation, ritual and lots of love.
Blessed and Empowered.
I had wanted to create an owl when I started this one BUT the image of a Scrub Hen would not leave me...


30 x 18 x 6cms

enpowered & blessed sculpture
original graphite drawing, drill bit c1960s, can, glass bottle, shearers combs c1950s, razor box c1960s, wire, nails, bottling lid c1970s, paint

Female Strength, Family, Motherhood, Family Love, Home, Child Bearing.
Tarot: Strength, 3 of Cups
Flower: Bottlebrush
Colours: White, Red, Orange, Brown
Animal: Orange-Footed Scrub Fowl
Crystals/Stones: moonstone, pearl
Essential Oil: Lavender, Sweet Orange
Plants: Patchouli, She Oak
Additional Dieties: Ometeotl, Ariarhod

She comes gift boxed, ready to hang. Included is her  Meditation Journey and information leaflet.
$80 + postage via paypal or bank deposit (I post anywhere) Contact [email protected]Commissions undertaken entwining your ideas, wishes and dreams.Wall1


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