More SoulCollage

 Sharing my new ones because... I got Mum hooked! lol
I found council suite a bit hard at first but really enjoying it now.

This is Council Suite "Muse"
and Council Suite "The Fool"Muse


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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Sunday Soulcollage

Feb 6
I attended a wonderful workshop after finding the book "Soulcollage" by Seena B. Frost. Two of my loves in one.... collage and 'tarot/oracle cards" ahhhh but THESE you create yourself for yourself ! Here in Sydney, the very talented teacher...
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Mar 4
What an amazing opportunity! 2012 Australian Wine Poet. Your poetry on high quality Australian wine. Love it... feeling like we should all lie under an ancient tree while someone plays music as we compose. Who's with me? :) "Bringing poetry...