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Sunday Soulcollage

WitnessW I attended a wonderful workshop after finding the book "Soulcollage" by Seena B. Frost.
Two of my loves in one.... collage and 'tarot/oracle cards" ahhhh but THESE you create yourself for yourself !
Here in Sydney, the very talented teacher Suzanne Naseby runs workshops.
I'm booked into the next one... who's with me? :D
find a workshop elsewhere in  Australia
main Soulcollage site  to learn more

First step this year is my Sunday morning Sollagecollage 'date'. As friends and family know, and ones I've shared time at retreats with :), I don't sleep much and I'm a very early riser. So in the peaceful space of early Sundays... starting today, I have cleared time for a Soulcollage 'date'.
EVERYONE can do Soulcollage. If you can hold a pair of scissors YOU CAN DO IT.
There are no expectations, lots of revelations and it's a gentle, positive and enriching experience, for everyone.
Yes I'm an artist and in fact I can tell you, THAT made it harder at first than those of you who 'claim' (and you KNOW I KNOW everyone IS in fact an artist!) to be terrible at art. I had to stop thinking about outcomes and pleasing the viewer and TOTALLY immerse myself into the process. Something I often used to claim I did anyway, but in reality, after experiencing Soulcollage, realized I did not.
So today I FINALLY made my "Witness" card YEAH!!!! I saw that silver guy and IMEDIATLY he said Witness to me. :) I have used the main focal point of my "Source" card (the sunflower) in this card.
For those familiar with the Soulcollage process.... I create my cards first, then meditate on what suite they are destined for and what they are. Individual images rarely say anything to me and I don't plan my cards out,  so I was very delighted to find my little silver guy!
Confident Next card I created, with the house, is for my Committee Suit
"The One Who is Not Confident"
I am the one standing in mist
I am the one balancing on uncertainty
I am the one standing outside the circle
I am the one who cant keep on the ground
I am the one who can't follow the lines
I am the one who stretches higher
I am the one who fears the fall
I am the  one who is not confident

They are both still a little crinkly but they smooth out after the dry :)

  CrowThe final is the very Soulcollage Card I made at Suzannes' workshop last year...
"Companions Suit" Throat Chakra