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PCW Flood Auction - ISIS

Isis1 Here she is!
This is my very first Isis and first Egyptian deity (thank you AGAIN Brendan Hancock for the inspiration) :)
I haven't had a Goddess available for a few months now due to my heavy commission load at present.
If you desire one, this is your chance to win one AND help with Flood Relief.
THIS IS  VERY precious to me (I NEVER part with the first of any series).
Isis was created for the Pagan Community Weekend, you can contact everyone here at this link for tickets. All money raised will be going the Queensland Premier's Flood Relief Fund.

sculpture and assemblage of found objects
Cheralyn Darcey 2011
45 x 34 x 10cm without base
vase c1950s, silver plated serviette ring c1940s, salt shaker c1950s, typewriter parts and keys c1050s, feather findings c1980s, bike reflector c1980s, lining of a jewellery box c1970s, wooden beads c1980s, clays, wires, adhesives, metal roof flashing, paint, mirror tiles,  wing earrings, Indian wire finding, glass beads, shaving mirror stand c1980s, silk flowers,  Swarovski crystals. Stand: a piece of the old wharf HMAS Penguin Balmoral Sydney c1940s
Love the effect the light when it falls on her. This picture through my door way is taken from behind her.