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New Litterless Friends

  WOW I can't make my little friends fast enough!
Thank you all for the suAussie1pport and loving them as I do.
My Litterless Friends are all created from clean recycled items, finished with a sealer for longevity and easy dusting, come packed with love and a signed certificate. No two are the same. 
FAQs... *YES I will make them out of paper or items you supply
                 *YES I can create a niche canvas for any bird or place on a swing or perch
                 *You find them here www.madeit.com.au/cheralyn
                 *YES I will post them anywhere in the world
                 * No you don't have to wait for them to pop up on my madeit store,
                        I take commissions on your ideas (I have loads of recycled things!)
                    email me [email protected]
                 *Prices: $25 for bird on a can/box... $30 on a swing... $60 in a canvas niche frame