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Careful Love Talisman and Shopping Tips.

Desk GREAT day of garage shopping yesterday with my best mate Karen! Loads of fun and great finds.  THE most beautiful lamp found it's way to me that was destined to become someones pelum or skirt and perhaps a neck and a bird beak was in there too but I've fallen in love with it after realizing it still works! Sitting up on the Magic Workshop desk now :) It inspired me to clean up and find the surface of my desk too. VERY magical!


As part of my commitment this year to share the love of what I do I'll be posting the most unusual, interesting or just plain fun find from my hunting and then later link up to show you what I made out of it.  There will be tips and hopefully a bit of inspiration to boot for you... This week...

oh but how gorgeous yes?
There is a little secret to these beauties that I stumbled across... they usually are made of parts which UNSCREW! So you don't have to go sawing or grinding brass all afternoon.
Ch2 So one candle holder becomes ... three awesomely interesting components
Stay tuned... will link back when I've created something.




 AND....What's new in the shop? A new Talisman Pendant... love making these so much.
"Careful Love" $80


New Litterless Friends

  WOW I can't make my little friends fast enough!
Thank you all for the suAussie1pport and loving them as I do.
My Litterless Friends are all created from clean recycled items, finished with a sealer for longevity and easy dusting, come packed with love and a signed certificate. No two are the same. 
FAQs... *YES I will make them out of paper or items you supply
                 *YES I can create a niche canvas for any bird or place on a swing or perch
                 *You find them here
                 *YES I will post them anywhere in the world
                 * No you don't have to wait for them to pop up on my madeit store,
                        I take commissions on your ideas (I have loads of recycled things!)
                    email me [email protected]
                 *Prices: $25 for bird on a can/box... $30 on a swing... $60 in a canvas niche frame


PCW Flood Auction - ISIS

Isis1 Here she is!
This is my very first Isis and first Egyptian deity (thank you AGAIN Brendan Hancock for the inspiration) :)
I haven't had a Goddess available for a few months now due to my heavy commission load at present.
If you desire one, this is your chance to win one AND help with Flood Relief.
THIS IS  VERY precious to me (I NEVER part with the first of any series).
Isis was created for the Pagan Community Weekend, you can contact everyone here at this link for tickets. All money raised will be going the Queensland Premier's Flood Relief Fund.

sculpture and assemblage of found objects
Cheralyn Darcey 2011
45 x 34 x 10cm without base
vase c1950s, silver plated serviette ring c1940s, salt shaker c1950s, typewriter parts and keys c1050s, feather findings c1980s, bike reflector c1980s, lining of a jewellery box c1970s, wooden beads c1980s, clays, wires, adhesives, metal roof flashing, paint, mirror tiles,  wing earrings, Indian wire finding, glass beads, shaving mirror stand c1980s, silk flowers,  Swarovski crystals. Stand: a piece of the old wharf HMAS Penguin Balmoral Sydney c1940s
Love the effect the light when it falls on her. This picture through my door way is taken from behind her.


New Camera! :)

Girls1 My best subjects.... :D
Seven (18 months) and Sundar (10 weeks).
My Boxers!
I love compact DSLRs... they are sooooo handy, enough manual functions to play with, small enough to carry all the time. I don't have the time or the space to lug around a DSLR kit.
I've had my Fuji Finepix for  7/8 years and it got a workout... looks like its traveled with Indian Jones! She still works but has her off days when she decides not to and is very heavy compared to her new cousins.
Very excited and thankful for my new camera and cant believe how small they can make them now!
Boxers play rough.... it's like World Championship Wrestling CONSTANTLY at my place!!

Enough of dogs... more arty news soon... haven't been snoozing have been crazy busy AGAIN :)
BRILLIANT commission on the boil and two long overdue catch ups getting finished.
Working on my exhibition schedule this year... less shows due to my commitment to begin teaching again... YES I'll be sharing my secrets. Hang tight.  It's been 7 years since I taught art and I'm ready to get back into it. :) The heart of what I do needs to progress into sharing this information and spirit with others and it's time. First workshop is at the Pagan Community Weekend. in February. Stay tuned info HERE