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Careful Love Talisman and Shopping Tips.

Desk GREAT day of garage shopping yesterday with my best mate Karen! Loads of fun and great finds.  THE most beautiful lamp found it's way to me that was destined to become someones pelum or skirt and perhaps a neck and a bird beak was in there too but I've fallen in love with it after realizing it still works! Sitting up on the Magic Workshop desk now :) It inspired me to clean up and find the surface of my desk too. VERY magical!


As part of my commitment this year to share the love of what I do I'll be posting the most unusual, interesting or just plain fun find from my hunting and then later link up to show you what I made out of it.  There will be tips and hopefully a bit of inspiration to boot for you... This week...

oh but how gorgeous yes?
There is a little secret to these beauties that I stumbled across... they usually are made of parts which UNSCREW! So you don't have to go sawing or grinding brass all afternoon.
Ch2 So one candle holder becomes ... three awesomely interesting components
Stay tuned... will link back when I've created something.




 AND....What's new in the shop? A new Talisman Pendant... love making these so much.
"Careful Love" $80