December 2010

"Goddess Hit, Dreams of Love and Protection" Pendant

Hit"Goddess Hit Pendant: Love, Positive Energy and Protection"
sculptured assemblage of found treasures
10cm top of bail to end heart drop.

6cm across wing tips.
 Locket opens to a loose pearl which can be removed.
Hit is an Octopus Goddess of Micronesia.
Pendant Magickal Attributes:  Destruction of negative things, destroying negative barriers.
Removing people obstructive/negative people from your life.
Cutting free from negative love to open up to positive new love in all it's forms.

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Talisman Pendants
Cheralyn Darcey

I started creating assemblage pendants for myself to compliment my sculptures.
People began asking about them and for them and so 2011 will see me offering more
pieces for purchase.
My pendants all come ready to wear on a long silken cord with a wide bail which will accommodate most chains.
Created from found objects and vintage treasures, they are soldered secure or connected with strong resins.
Each is magically unique, no two could ever be the same or even similar.

I am a witch and pagan and bless each piece in the process of creation .
All pendants are made with magickal intent and will work with the owner, providing insight, guidance and protection.
I am more than happy to create pendants on a commission basis and include your treasures if desired. Orphaned earrings are my specialty.

Hit2 Gems


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻