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I'm so much happier and  having so much more fun at work since I read this book. I retired last year from my trade for personal reasons (I'm a Butcher)... I hardly eat meat anymore, had lost faith in the industry and I wanted to spend more time living my passion... art! A day job, a few days a week in an art/craft store seemed to be the answer.
It's been 12 months and I was starting to fall into feeling grumpy about certain aspects and found myself constantly complaining about things at work.
I read this book last week  and it's been an amazing revelation.  Am exploring more of Victor Frankls' work, the man who inspired this book too. REALLY great stuff.
I'm a very upbeat, positive person so I actually found the negative sides to my job to be more stressful... why wasn't everyone like me? Was a biggie I had to work though :).
With this book I learnt to re-frame what I do and to understand the negative sides of my job and WORK WITH THEM!
When I'd experienced a difficult customer, or particularly one who was rude, I'd get very sad as I'd feel I was 'just a shop assistant' now anyway. So that was my lot in life, I need the money and if only I was a better artist I wouldn't need a day job. blah blah blah poor me.
The book taught me in fact to reframe what I do. You have no idea of how empowering such a simple shift like this can change EVERYTHING! I was knocking my head on a brick wall before trying to keep myself positive at work but that wasn't working. Once I changed my mindset about what my job actually was it changed everything in a flash. My attitude now seems to roll off onto my customers and work is exhilarating, fun, I feel more effective and love actually being there.
I now see myself as a 'battle front inspiration magician'... dont laugh this stuff REALLY works. I think to myself... these people are mostly in a hurry/too scared to go to classes/lost for inspiration/intimidated by the Martha Stewards of the world.  My job for three days a week is to preform art and craft triage.... :)
Exciting huh? Well it's sounds crazy but it works.
I'm an artist the rest of the time, BUT for those three days I'm on the front line every week.
-Lets get you started in painting/drawing/card making/knitting... sure I can show you how to fix that necklace... you need to go as a wizard to a party? No problems lets get on that STAT! :D
The rude customers have diminished (not disappeared but I can cope better, water off a ducks back now) and I'm very excited to be at work!
What's interesting is the way it's flowed on to my attitude in the rest of my life. Loving it!!
There is a lot in this book... HIGHLY HIGHLY  recommend it.

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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