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The Nests

Shoe Shrines

Hp As a lot of you know, I lived in San Diego USA for a time. It had a profound influence on my art, I became a sculptor and an assemblage artist at that time and I became more connected with expressions of spirituality. My own and others. Nichos are shrines that are made of just about anything in Mexico. They just about always contain a nich (a little hole, window or doorway) where an icon of some sort is displayed. I've never seen a shoe one BUT I was influenced to create theses after seeing some wonderful ones created from lightbulbs and tin cans.
These "Shoe Shrines" make up the series "The Desirable Outcome" in my Reconcilied Rejections solo exhibition rnning at present. Each has an image of Mary and an egg.
My intent was to create a piece which symbolized our need to put the protection of the future generations of birds ahead of our own material desires. The current plight of the Manly Little Penguins and the development of restaurants and nightclubs made me think of beautiful shoes PROTECTING eggs instead of dancing above them.  So YES the Desirable Outcome.
They actually hang simply from one hook, here they are displayed in the the gallery on wire. There are 12 in this series.

Lc The silver one is "Hope and Understanding" the pink is "Love and Consideration"

Reconciled Rejections, my solo, is running until the end of the month at Studio 4, Complete Framing, Pittwater Road, North Manly (M - F 9:30am - 5pm and Sat 9:30am -4pm) more information: [email protected] or ph 0408105864