SCA Undergrad Show

Mcmahon_a Check THIS out!
Took Maddison in for the Portofolio Development day yesterday and we got to see the Sydney College of the Arts Undergraduate Show. WOW! Seriously you wont see anything better out there in the galleries. It was amazing.
I'm not too sure how you get in to see it now BUT there is a contact phone number.

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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Nov 21
Not the best photos of this friend I'm afraid. Will retake this week, when I get a chance! I have filled the inside of the egg she is holding with a clockwork. The body of my cockatoo was created with...
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Mandala Collages

Nov 23
Another supporting series in my solo exhibition Recycled Rejections is "The Intersection of Mornings". I love meditation and creating mandalas. A big discovery was this form of mandala and my continuing evolution with it. I've collected the patterns from various...