Owl - The Only Story.

Owl Another in the series "The Private Evolutionary Plans of Birds" showing at my solo exhibition at present. There are 10 in this series and this, my owl is titled: 'The Only Story You Will Ever Need'.
His head was a huge undertaking which slowed up a lot of my work for a week. Remember when I was saying that I'd had a wonderful idea BUT it was taking a lot of work to realize my idea? Well this is the reason!! Worth it though. The feathers are made with a process I've worked out with metal and paints combined with snips of furnishing material from a swatch book.
As all my friends know I ADORE owls! He is a true Recycled Rejection because he is also created from an older sculpture which didnt really work out.
A lot of my work naturally features things which really mean something personal to me. I guess when I'm looking for things, either street, garage sale or charity store, the things that pluck the heart strings and memory will sparkle the brightest in my eyes.
So speaking of eyes, my owl has SPIROGRAPH eyes! Loved spirograph.... still do actually.... stay tuned. Come on!! You don;t think I could resist playing with those 'eyes' before giving them to owl, do you? :)


Reconciled Rejections, my solo, featuring this and other work is running until the end of the month at Studio 4, Complete Framing, Pittwater Road, North Manly (M - F 9:30am - 5pm and Sat 9:30am -4pm) more information: cheralyn@hotmail.com or ph 0408105864


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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Nov 19
Another in my bird series "The Private Evolutionary Plans of Birds" showing at my solo Reconciled Rejections running now. This is "Love Really Will Find a Way or LorriKeats" 61x 27x 22 cm I was VERY excited to find a...
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