One finishes... another starts!

Galllery2 WELL today is the last viewing day of my solo Reconciled Rejections!
9am - 4pm
Studio 4
Complete Framing
410 Pittwater Road
North Manly

Thank you to all who have come along and supported me in this show... it's been an amazing adventure!

There's ALWAYS a new thing... :)
Next week, one of my favourite 'things'.... it's OCEAN CARE DAY!
I'm one of the  artists exhibiting in the Artist Tent on Manly Beach, at the end of the Corso.
Along with the pieces I'm showing I will be bringing along my Under the Blue Moon Festival finalist sculpture so those on 'this side' can get a peek. :)
LOVE Ocean Care Day... it's so much fun as well as informative. Because looking after this world is what my art is all about it's very exciting to be asked to be a part of the day. Music, kids activities, Ocean Lab, Rock Platform Walks... an awesome day.
SO next Sunday 5th December Manly Beach. 10:30am - 4:30pm. See you there! :D

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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Nov 23
Another supporting series in my solo exhibition Recycled Rejections is "The Intersection of Mornings". I love meditation and creating mandalas. A big discovery was this form of mandala and my continuing evolution with it. I've collected the patterns from various...
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Nov 27
I HAVE been working on jewellery this week. First up is "Aphrodite Gate" The sweet call of the sea of love and morning walks. Birds that drift on waves Glints of sunshine beyond Aphrodites Gate “Aphrodites’ Gate” assemblage sculpture pendant...