Lorri Another in my bird series "The Private Evolutionary Plans of Birds" showing at my solo Reconciled Rejections running now. This is "Love Really Will Find a Way or LorriKeats" 61x 27x 22 cm
I was VERY excited to find a use for all those plastic strapping tapes that Shanghai me in my day job! This pieece was something special as its the first sculpture of two interacting birds I've created. Reminded me of my Grope Show exhibition inclusions. Made me feel I need to create more along these lines. And on the day job... I often smile when people comment that it must be GREAT to be able to take advantage of staff discounts... no... it's the stuff they THROW OUT that excites me!!
Ingredient list...
blue bottles, 1960s amber shot glasses, wooden carved heart bead, blue strapping tape, ribbons, hand dyed (by me) reclaimed silk, tea chest metal strapping, whiskey decanter 1970s, wooden plank (HMAS Penguin, Sydney), clays, paint, wire.

  Reconciled Rejections, my solo, featuring this and other work is running until the end of the month at Studio 4, Complete Framing, Pittwater Road, North Manly (M - F 9:30am - 5pm and Sat 9:30am -4pm) more information: cheralyn@hotmail.com or ph 0408105864



bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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