Cocki Not the best photos of this friend I'm afraid. Will retake this week, when I get a chance! I have filled the inside of the egg she is holding with a clockwork.  The body of my cockatoo was created with a few of my amazing treasures that all seemed to come together out of no where to fit perfectly. Exciting when that happens. She also features more of one of my recycled wedding dresses. Lots of handpainted silk. It's a great material to work with and the older the better.
Cocki2 From my series... "The Private Evolutionary Plans of Birds" my cockatoo is titled "There's Always A Way" sculpture and assemblage of found objects 58 42 x 24 cm
Reconciled Rejections, my solo, featuring this and other work is running until 29th of this month at Studio 4, Complete Framing, Pittwater Road, North Manly (M - F 9:30am - 5pm and Sat 9:30am -4pm) more information: or ph 0408105864


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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Owl - The Only Story.

Nov 20
Another in the series "The Private Evolutionary Plans of Birds" showing at my solo exhibition at present. There are 10 in this series and this, my owl is titled: 'The Only Story You Will Ever Need'. His head was a...
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SCA Undergrad Show

Nov 21
Check THIS out! Took Maddison in for the Portofolio Development day yesterday and we got to see the Sydney College of the Arts Undergraduate Show. WOW! Seriously you wont see anything better out there in the galleries. It was amazing....