Bower-bird-image-11 hello! :D
Solo is fast approaching and now is a great time to let you know ALL my plans re my installation piece.  SOMETIMES artists sell installations... however, this isn't the aim of this piece. Threefold ... I want to create an installation! It's my solo and I'll install if I want to :) AND I want to raise a bit more awareness in looking after our precious environment. AND... I want you all to be part of my art and oh yeah I'm tired of being the only human Bowerbird I know.
I'm creating a HUMAN sized Satin Bowerbird Bower! Excited? I hope so.
TODAY I started making it (that picture ISN'T it... that's the REAL deal)....  and I'm learning the Satin Bowerbird dance... :O no not really but am happy to learn.
This installlation will feature in the gallery window for the entire month of November while my solo is showing.
Now here is the part YOU all come in... START COLLECTING... BLUE STUFF. Bower-birds-sally-hampson I want your CLEAN rubbish, treasures, unwanted thangs, unidentified funky objects to place in my Bower. THE RULES...  the item must be safe, clean and under 30cm in any dimension.
There is a tiny cost... I'd like at the very least a gold coin donation to the Manly Environment Centre Little Penguin Warden Project.
So what happens to everything after the exhibition?... I'm so very glad you asked.... I'll be making a sculpture out of it for entry in the 2011 Wynne Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW and 50% of the sale price will go to the Little Penguin project.
You can bring it along on OPENING NIGHT or come into the gallery anytime during the month or send it to me (email for details OR you can drop it off at the Manly Environment Centre. All opening night blue thingy contributors are going into a draw for a custom designed pendant by me.

0 shake that tail feather!!

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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Oct 5
Could the person (Sarah?) who emailed me this week re purchasing "To Make Each Say Count" featuring the number 86 please contact me. Sorry, I opened your email on my phone and seem to have deleted it!
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