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Reconciled Rejections Press Release


Reconciled Rejections Exhibition

Cheralyn Darcey
 environmental artist

Opening Night: 6 - 8pm Thursday 4th November 2010

To be opened by author and witch Lucy Cavendish
Studio 4, Complete Framing 410  Pittwater Road, North Manly

Exotic assemblage birds, Mexican nicho inspired nests in shoes
and exquisite collaged found feathers and other treasures are the
subjects of Northern Beaches’ environmental sculptor Cheralyn Darcey’s first solo exhibition.
After 18 exhibitions in 2 years as an invited artist, Darcey’s Reconciled Rejections,
is to be held at Studio 4, Complete Framing Gallery, 410 Pittwater Road,
North Manly, from 4 to 30 November 2010.

It was living in San Diego, California for 3 years with its close proximity to Mexico
that Darcey found she had an affinity with Mexico’s vibrant art and culture and
she skilfully incorporates these elements through the pieces in this exhibition.
Originally working on canvas in mixed media, Darcey has found her greatest passion
is with assemblage sculpture, her breakthrough being when she introduced hand sculpted
elements combined with found objects.
Darcey’s work is intricate, detailed and bold.  Each piece is lovingly and
thoughtfully formed from found objects with every tiny piece having its own story
to tell – from either its history or its original purpose. It is this attention to detail that
makes her work a joy to observe again and again, with greater pleasure coming from each further viewing.

“My hope is that by bringing together broken, discarded and found objects and creating
something beautiful, that I invite you to look a little deeper… at everything. Then to look again”
Darcey says.

The central concept behind this exhibition is birds and our environment. 
Each larger piece, depicting a native bird with humanised hands, holding or offering
a special object invites the viewer to question their own place in our environment.
These bird sculptures are asking us in a quiet and discreet but powerful way to look
beyond our own fragile and selfish place in the world and to consider what our
actions do to affect the native wildlife around us. They are not pleading but they
are introducing themselves into our psyche on a level that is hard to ignore.
One of the larger pieces is a human sized Satin Bowerbird bower. Darcey is inviting
members of the public to bring a blue found treasure to place within the bower
during the course of the exhibition.
A Gold coin donation may also be made during the exhibition to support
Manly Environment Centre’s “Little Penguin Project”

Darcey was a finalist in this year’s Warringah Art Prize and is also a
finalist in the Sydney Fringe Festival Under the Blue Moon Art Prize.
Reconciled Rejections is to be opened by the inspirational author and witch Lucy Cavendish.

Series Two - Reconciled Rejections

Evolution1 I'm presenting four series in my upcoming solo exhibition... first is "The Private Evolutionary Plans of Birds" (my larger bird sculptures)... the next is this one... inspired by my time living on the border in San Diego and my inevitable love for all that is Mexico.
This is the first in the series and a sneeky peek...
series: Inevitable Transformations... "Begin Again"
sculpture and assemblage of found objects
Evolution2 52 x 24 x 15cm

and I'm sorry I'm a tad behind in answering emails ect... as you can see.... it's very busy, catching up in the next 24 hours :)

The other two series are ....
"The Desirable Outcome" shoes anyone?
wall mounted nichos featuring eggs and wings oh and SHOES!
"The Intersection of Mornings"
featuring found feathers and objects collaged with my meditative drawings

Under the Blue Moon Art Prize 2010

WELL the rabbit is out of the bag.... I'm a finalist in the amazing Under the Blue Moon Art Prize in Newtown next week.... THIS art prize means SO MUCH to me on so many levels.
LOVED the brief and cant wait to see what everyone else creates.
Web1 " Beyond Reflected Reality"
sculpture and assemblage of found objects
Cheralyn Darcey 2010
58 x 38 x 27cms

Artist Statement:
She is there, the childhood sister, me.
Beautiful, sweet, kind, in fact, a storybook princess.
Through the glass she grins,
tinged ever so lightly with time...reality reflected




Web2 Web3 Web5 Web4


Bower-bird-image-11 hello! :D
Solo is fast approaching and now is a great time to let you know ALL my plans re my installation piece.  SOMETIMES artists sell installations... however, this isn't the aim of this piece. Threefold ... I want to create an installation! It's my solo and I'll install if I want to :) AND I want to raise a bit more awareness in looking after our precious environment. AND... I want you all to be part of my art and oh yeah I'm tired of being the only human Bowerbird I know.
I'm creating a HUMAN sized Satin Bowerbird Bower! Excited? I hope so.
TODAY I started making it (that picture ISN'T it... that's the REAL deal)....  and I'm learning the Satin Bowerbird dance... :O no not really but am happy to learn.
This installlation will feature in the gallery window for the entire month of November while my solo is showing.
Now here is the part YOU all come in... START COLLECTING... BLUE STUFF. Bower-birds-sally-hampson I want your CLEAN rubbish, treasures, unwanted thangs, unidentified funky objects to place in my Bower. THE RULES...  the item must be safe, clean and under 30cm in any dimension.
There is a tiny cost... I'd like at the very least a gold coin donation to the Manly Environment Centre Little Penguin Warden Project.
So what happens to everything after the exhibition?... I'm so very glad you asked.... I'll be making a sculpture out of it for entry in the 2011 Wynne Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW and 50% of the sale price will go to the Little Penguin project.
You can bring it along on OPENING NIGHT or come into the gallery anytime during the month or send it to me (email for details [email protected]) OR you can drop it off at the Manly Environment Centre. All opening night blue thingy contributors are going into a draw for a custom designed pendant by me.

0 shake that tail feather!!

Shhhhh I'm finding out what I need to... Hear?

OK OK I fibbed... here's a sneek peek for everyone BECAUSE some wanted to see her bottom half. :D
Thanks for the interest

From my upcoming solo.....

Website Link:

Facebook Event:!/event.php?eid=144295655595134


Crow2 "Shhhhh I'm finding out what I need to... Hear?"
ceramic sculpture and assemblage of found objects
Cheralyn Darcey 2010

Little by little I hear what you keep
Silently waiting
softly you move  the unchangeable
and then
at last
I find  all I need