Two Days at the Museum

What a week! I worked out that the next time I get an hour to myself (well actually the WHOLE DAY!!!) is not this Friday but next. Something on every day and every night. :D
Here are some shots of my two days presenting at the Australian Museum. I meet some wonderful people, guests, great kids, museum staff and others who are passionate about the envronment. Made a great connection with Dave from Eco Divers... Mermaids... Surfing... Ocean? he asked... why yes Dave! Am working on an awesome eco project with him for next year stay tuned! Not the "Big One" more on that once it's out of the bag... Oh that reminds me of another date....pencils out... I'm booked in for Ocean Care Day again on Manly Beach... first Sunday in December. It's such an awesome day for EVERYONE! B3 I'll be in the Artist Tent and providing something special for Eco Divers too.

Ok Museum photos...
Yes I will have some of me Mum soon :)
Very very special having a mention on the Museum Billboard. Art is without doubt, one of of the best communicators. Being part of this project at the Australian Museum and working with the Manly Environment Centre has given me an amazing opportunity to get the message out and I'm happy to say from emails I get, it's working! Yeahhh! It's an oldie but a goodie, every little bit counts. Reuse, Recycle, Rethink.  I'm not perfect at all... but EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS.
That's Faery Fairy Wren in the left corner of the last pic.... he was a big hit with everyone... on his way to the Beauty of Biodiversity Exhibition, Manly Arts Festival, this weekend.


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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