"The Growth of Dreams Begins on Fridays"

Had a wonderful night last night attending my daughters Year 12 Art Exhibition.
As I go to MANY exhibitions, ones I'm in included... I see a lot of art each year. All I can say after last night is... The next generation of artists is going to rock!

Maddi1 The concepts, the depth of talent... oh but WOW the concepts!!!! Their love of the world, concerns for each other, the passion... it was seriously the best exhibition I've been to this year. Wish I could share everyone work but I'm not allowed.

So on to my Punki... assemblage is it? :)
This is her Major Work for Year 12 Art.  I think I've mentioned that her dream is to attend SCA at Sydney Uni next year. Although she is a very talented painter and draws wonderfully AND is a keen photographer, she wants to major in Sculpture, Installation and Performance Art. Contemporary (as in NOW) Art is her passion.
The photos behind her are of the chairs in installation.

"The Growth of Dreams Begins on Fridays"
ohhhh I DO adore that title!!

AND oh for a winged chair to float away on at times! Maddi4



bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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