Teaching at The Australian Museum & a sneeky peek

Inter1web I've been invited to teach for the next two days at the Australian Museum in Sydney. As much as I'd like to teach sculpture, it's not really possible given the logistics. As this is part of the "Alive" museum program celebrating the International Year of Biodiversity, I thought Nature Zentangles would be perfect. Creating patterns from things in our environment.
This piece, "Intersections of Mornings" collage and drawing on canvas 35 x45cms 2010, is also a sneeky peek at my upcoming solo in Manly, November, "Reconciled Rejections." This series compliments the sculptures I'm showing.
At the Museum, I'll be sharing a few patterns to get everyone started.
For more patterns and examples, go to my website www.cheralyndarcey.com
So I'm teaching over 400 school children on tommorrow and today... not sure. But if you are in Sydney city today and feel it's time to visit the museum, (IT IS!) drop by and say hi. :)

It's a very special couple of days for me.
bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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