A Mad Tea Party

I'm in two exhibitions for the Manly Arts Festival this year...

"The Beauty of Biodiversity"

and this one...
A_Mad_Tea_Party_A4 Great selection of diverse Northern Beaches Artists in my group "The Art Tree"... painting, sculpture, collage, photography, amazing mixed media and my work... :)|
YES there WILL be a White Rabbit from yours truly, along with Alice, the Queen of Hearts (why of course!) and I pose the question in sculpture... "why INDEED is a Raven like a Writing desk?"

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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Faery Fairy Wren is complete!

Sep 2
Remember last month? I was selected to join 19 other artists at the Santuary, North Head, Manly to create a piece of artwork for the upcoming Manly Arts Festival "Beauty of Biodiversity" exhibition? Well here he is! 77cm high... a...
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Finalist! UTBM 2010 Art Prize!!!!!!!

Sep 8
:D <<<<<< Very BIG ELATED grin. Yes it was very fabulous being a finalist in this years' Warringah Art Prize last month... BUT what made my heart really race ~~ was finding out I'm a finalist in the 2010 Under...