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"The Unknowable Private Evolutionary Plans of Birds"

Galah1 Second bird to take flight into sneek peek land for my upcoming inaugural solo exhibition

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"The Unknowable Private Evolutionary Plans of Birds"
ceramic sculpture and assemblage of found objects
Cheralyn Darcey 2010

I watch you... I wait
I listen to you... I call out
You have answers
I have plans

It's too late for you to understand them
My private evolutionary plans


Two Days at the Museum

What a week! I worked out that the next time I get an hour to myself (well actually the WHOLE DAY!!!) is not this Friday but next. Something on every day and every night. :D
Here are some shots of my two days presenting at the Australian Museum. I meet some wonderful people, guests, great kids, museum staff and others who are passionate about the envronment. Made a great connection with Dave from Eco Divers... Mermaids... Surfing... Ocean? he asked... why yes Dave! Am working on an awesome eco project with him for next year stay tuned! Not the "Big One" more on that once it's out of the bag... Oh that reminds me of another date....pencils out... I'm booked in for Ocean Care Day again on Manly Beach... first Sunday in December. It's such an awesome day for EVERYONE! B3 I'll be in the Artist Tent and providing something special for Eco Divers too.

Ok Museum photos...
Yes I will have some of me Mum soon :)
Very very special having a mention on the Museum Billboard. Art is without doubt, one of of the best communicators. Being part of this project at the Australian Museum and working with the Manly Environment Centre has given me an amazing opportunity to get the message out and I'm happy to say from emails I get, it's working! Yeahhh! It's an oldie but a goodie, every little bit counts. Reuse, Recycle, Rethink.  I'm not perfect at all... but EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS.
That's Faery Fairy Wren in the left corner of the last pic.... he was a big hit with everyone... on his way to the Beauty of Biodiversity Exhibition, Manly Arts Festival, this weekend.


Teaching at The Australian Museum & a sneeky peek

Inter1web I've been invited to teach for the next two days at the Australian Museum in Sydney. As much as I'd like to teach sculpture, it's not really possible given the logistics. As this is part of the "Alive" museum program celebrating the International Year of Biodiversity, I thought Nature Zentangles would be perfect. Creating patterns from things in our environment.
This piece, "Intersections of Mornings" collage and drawing on canvas 35 x45cms 2010, is also a sneeky peek at my upcoming solo in Manly, November, "Reconciled Rejections." This series compliments the sculptures I'm showing.
At the Museum, I'll be sharing a few patterns to get everyone started.
For more patterns and examples, go to my website
So I'm teaching over 400 school children on tommorrow and today... not sure. But if you are in Sydney city today and feel it's time to visit the museum, (IT IS!) drop by and say hi. :)

It's a very special couple of days for me.

I'm LATE I'm LATE!!!!!!!


I said I was conjuring up a rabbit!
I fell in love with that lantern and had visions of a regal queen wearing it.... but oh how perfect is it for my White Rabbit?!!
That's the last of my gorgeous grape draped 1940s silver plated flutes.

Manly Arts Festival Exhibition: "A Mad Tea Party" Studio 4, North Manly opens this coming Thursday.
more info

"Resplendently Late"
Cheralyn Darcey 2010
sculpture and assemblage of found objects
49 x40x26cms


A Mad Tea Party

I'm in two exhibitions for the Manly Arts Festival this year...

"The Beauty of Biodiversity"

and this one...
A_Mad_Tea_Party_A4 Great selection of diverse Northern Beaches Artists in my group "The Art Tree"... painting, sculpture, collage, photography, amazing mixed media and my work... :)|
YES there WILL be a White Rabbit from yours truly, along with Alice, the Queen of Hearts (why of course!) and I pose the question in sculpture... "why INDEED is a Raven like a Writing desk?"

Faery Fairy Wren is complete!

Faery fairy wren Remember last month? I was selected to join 19 other artists at the Santuary, North Head, Manly to create a piece of artwork for the upcoming Manly Arts Festival "Beauty of Biodiversity" exhibition? Well here he is!

77cm high... a big boy :)

There ARE pieces of things I found up there, the rest is from the Manly area and the head and arms are sculpted by me.

"Faery Fairy Wren"
77 x 24 x27cms
Cheralyn Darcey 2010
assemblage sculpture of found objects
and sculptured elements
Manly Arts Festival Exhibition - "The Beauty of Biodiversity"
Where: Int. College of Management Sydney, 151 Darley Rd, Manly
When: 18 & 19 Sept, 9am - 5pm


"The Growth of Dreams Begins on Fridays"

Had a wonderful night last night attending my daughters Year 12 Art Exhibition.
As I go to MANY exhibitions, ones I'm in included... I see a lot of art each year. All I can say after last night is... The next generation of artists is going to rock!

Maddi1 The concepts, the depth of talent... oh but WOW the concepts!!!! Their love of the world, concerns for each other, the passion... it was seriously the best exhibition I've been to this year. Wish I could share everyone work but I'm not allowed.

So on to my Punki... assemblage is it? :)
This is her Major Work for Year 12 Art.  I think I've mentioned that her dream is to attend SCA at Sydney Uni next year. Although she is a very talented painter and draws wonderfully AND is a keen photographer, she wants to major in Sculpture, Installation and Performance Art. Contemporary (as in NOW) Art is her passion.
The photos behind her are of the chairs in installation.

"The Growth of Dreams Begins on Fridays"
ohhhh I DO adore that title!!

AND oh for a winged chair to float away on at times! Maddi4



Serene Pendant

I ADORE creating found art jewellery, problem is, I don't have time to do much as art takes every minute I have and it takes a while to find the 'right' pieces.  So I make pieces for those who support my art. People who buy my artwork, those who donate things to me and those who inspire me. I feel it's another nice way to care for what is already there.
Now this wonderful person inspires me with her books and she's just an all round magical being that delights everyone. OH and she gave me the most wonderful lost treasures. Her story of the beautiful earrings that she felt where too big inspired this piece.
It looks wonderful with my outfit for the Witches Ball... it was lucky to leave the magic workshop this morning :)