Sunday at the Sanctuary

  Flyer1 WOW what a great day!!
It was so very nice meeting people and really really cool to talk with the kids I met about what I was doing. A few little sculptors out there??
I really enjoyed learning about the regeneration programs and even for me, learning about a few of my local flora and fauna buddies that i didn't realize I shared my neighbourhood with.
The Sanctuary is open year round and it is a beautiful place to go bush walking (short and easy, or long hike), picnicking and harbour gazing.
OK what am I doing? Well out of yesterday I've collected loads of information and inspiration along with 19 other artists and we are now all back in our studios (magic workshop for me!) creating artworks to be shown at "The Beauty of Biodiversity" Art Exhibition 18 + 19 September College of Management, Manly (you know where Nicole Kidman tied the knot!)

I am REALLY moved by the story of the White Banksia... more soon. Oh and those Fairy Wrens followed me EVERYWHERE all day.  mmmm Faery Fairy Wren?? Oh how fun!!
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a few inspirations from the day....

the area was once an old army base and there are loads of old structures and rusty dusty things. The first pic is of the Hanging Swamp... an amazing area!

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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Sunday at the Sanctuary, (THIS Sunday!)

Aug 18
Looking for something INTERESTING to do this Sunday in the Manly, Sydney area??? I'm one of the 'Artists with Easels"... mmm but no easel as I'll be be wandering around sketching, photographing and treasure hunting as I plan an artwork...
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A day or TWO at the Museum

Aug 28
I am REALLY REALLY excited about this... I've been asked to teach at the Australian Museum in Sydney. I can't do sculpture as it has to be something simple that people can do fairly quickly within the "Alive" event. So...