August 2010

Creating Talismans - Goddess Magazine Article

Here's my article from the current issue of Goddess Magazine.
It may be a little different as they need to edit articles to fit/suit/correct.
(Ive seen a PDF but haven't seen a print copy yet so not too sure)
I was a teen runaway and didn't finish my education... so I'm better at creating images than prose, so upfront - forgive me! :)
It's a simple piece on how to attach objects using ribbon closures and jump rings. I've written a few others on gradually more advanced topics which will be coming up and I'm MORE than happy to answer any questions re creating talismans, jewellery or art.

Creating Talismans

Although I've created art in some form or another all of my life, I only began exhibiting a few years ago.  It was then that I found myself faced with an opening night and nothing to wear!
A trove of beautiful jewellery, but nothing that connected the energy and spirit of the journey I had made to be at my first major opening in a gallery.
The answer? A TALISMAN neckl
ace. My Mum had taught me to create them for years but I'd somehow stopped making them them somewhere along the way. Maybe I thought they weren't fashionable enough or maybe I'd just gotten too busy toSsecrets-311x544 slow down and remember what was real.

My opening night necklace! I had little boxes, as I’m sure you do, of things that I’d found and kept because they meant something. Feathers picked up on special walks, ticket stubs that bring a smile, mateless earrings too important to ditch, broken adored teacups, treasured buttons from long gone clothing, silk ribbons with no purpose at all, tiny shells from distant beaches. It was from these I created my opening night talisman necklace.

It received as much attention as my artwork and my show sold out. I attributed this to the necklace. It was created with clear intent, that my show was a success, and it contained elements that symbolized the occasion.
The show? "The Lost Goddesses"  that's "The Goddess of the Secrets I Keep" and noooo I didn't sell her. She's mine :) I did show her with a big NFS sticker!

So how do you create a talisman necklace? It’s all about connections. No not who you know, but I guess you know me now and I’ll share the secrets. It about how you connect objects to each other. Much the same as my sculptures I had to learn how to get things to stick.
We can build on this at a latter date but today lets look at the two most basic and most often used connections, jump rings and ribbon closures. These are brilliant to not only create your own pieces from scratch but to add pieces to existing jewelery.

Air Magick Feather Talisman Pendant

Creating this nec
klace with found feathers will bring you the Air Magick of communication, thoughts, study, thinking and ideas. Feathers are intense energy focusers so check the lists below for feather correspondences. Feather colour can be taken into account and fabric and ribbon in the colours listed can also be added to strengthen and add extra intent to your necklace.
It is far better to find your own feathers rather than use store brought ones as these will be gifts from the earth meant for you. NEVER take a feather off a bird. Not only is it unethical, it’s incredible bad luck.


found feathers/pieces of fabric/ribbon/twigs
ribbon clasps
jump ri
ngs, medium
large decorative chain link/ring
plain necklace (chain, lea
ther, ribbon)
3 in 1 jewellery pliers

1.Cleanse and charge the air with a smudge stick or incense and you may like to play music. Goddess/Gods you may wish to work with include Athena, Mercury and Hermes.
2. Lay end of ea
ch feather in ribbon clasp. A dot of glue can be added if you like. Fold one side of clasp over (A) and press tightly with pliers, then the other over that. (B)
3. Open jum
p ring by pushing one part back and the other forward. (C).Never open them by pulling apart like goal bars. Slip end of ribbon clasp onto jump ring
4. Attach other feathers/ribbons/fabrics in the same manner and and attach to large ring.(D & E)
5. Thread onto chosen neckla

Here are some feathers you might find and some meanings. A quick internet search will assist you in identifying others. I was taught by my Mum to only pick up those feathers that you ‘know’ are meant for you and to listen to your own heart for additional meanings.

Bird Feather Meanings
Dove: Happiness, peace, joy and love. Immunity from curses.
Eagle: Positive energy, peace happiness. The most sacred of birds.
Curlew: Messengers of the future, communication with spirits.
Crow Feathers: Negative energy released. Ridding unwanted feelings and situations.
Kingfisher: Extreme good luck.
Magpie Feathers: Bring negative situations/spirits to light.
Insight and wisdom. See into the future.
Kookaburra: Insight, joy to come, brightness through adversity.
Cockatoo: New beginnings,

Peacock Feathers:
although many believe these are unlucky, they are actually bringers of powerful luck if given to someone else as a gift.

Colours Meanings
life, courage, vitality good
Orange: ideas, success, creativity
Yellow: sun blessings, reasoning, playfulness
Green: harmony, unity, fertility, nature spirits
Blue: Psychic abilities, peace, health
Violet: Spiritual awakening, intuition
Pink: love, romance, feelings
White: moon magick, hope,purification,
Gray: peace, neutrality, being invisible
Black: protection, energy repelling

this article appears in "Goddess" Magazine Issue 2 available from August 2010.
I'm happy to answer any of your questions regarding jewellery making, art or talismans

Coming up next on this blog in August.... split rings, which threading wire or cord is best and a Steampunk Heart to keep yours strong.

Art Magic & Laughter,

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻

Alice? Alice?.....

  Alice1 Ahhh the joys of getting your internet speed back at the start of the month!
As promised a sneeky Peek at Alice. She will be on show in September during the Manly Arts Festival. Part of the "Mad Tea Party" at Studio 4.  She's available.

So much on at the moment and being down with the flu hasn't helped! (is it the flu? I had the shot!). Just about back on deck now.

Have a few commissions to complete this week and really need to get back to jewelery making as I know I have a few people waiting for those to become available.
It's a funny situation I find myself in, needing more time to create more art as it's going so well but still needing the day job as the art isn't paying the bills!
I think the reality is that my art is very time consuming.
I've written for a couple of magazines lately, but it's a non paying gig. Fun though and I love the idea of sharing what I know. BUT again time consuming without pay! Maybe I need to conjure up a few more hours in each day.

I wrote a requested article for a new Australian magazine "Goddess" which is on sale now. Very simple little thing on how to use ribbon closures and jump rings, will  put it up on here today if,  like me,  you can't get the magazine in your area.  I don't have a copy either! :)

“Alice, Do You Like What You See Now?”
assemblage of found objects
50 x 24 x 15cms

plank - neighbors old veranda c1950s, door lock c1920s, vodka bottle, shearers comb c1940s, silver nail polish bottle label, mirror tiles, mirror pieces, hand mirror, aluminum flashing, sequin waste, doll hands, modeling clays, wire, adhesives, paints, nails

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻