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I'm spinning :)

WOW I've NEVER been this busy in my life! It's good but I'd like a bit of a dreamy day off I think. Every day and night is booked.
I've been missing a few things that I'd like to attend too and dates are slipping past me. So sorry if you are on my neglected list... will catch up soon... I promise!!
Another thing, I KNOW I promised a tutorial or two on jewelery making and I will have the first one ready by tomorrow for those waiting.
I have been busy writing another article for Goddess magazine, out October, and am thrilled with results. It's a little drawing lesson and supports the work I'm doing at the Australian Museum.
Meetings, exhibitions, work work work....Out of all this maddess some great things are happening.
As mentioned teaching at the Museum is such an amazing experience that I'm sooooo looking forward to.  I'm also working on curating an exhibition in the city next year... THAT'S exciting, news soon.

I've organized  support of a wonderful local group caring for the Little Penguins of Manly and will feature a penguinManly volunteer penguin sculpture at my solo exhibition in November "Reconciled Rejections",  later this year for auction with all proceeds to going to assist their ongoing commitment.  Be a good visitor to Manly and be aware of how you impact this fragile colony. They also need more people to become Wardens to help protect the colony. More information about the Little Penguins


Exhibitions coming up THIS week  that I'd recommend...

Rach Rachel Carroll at Painters Gallery Mona Vale
opening night THIS Thursday 6pm

I exhibit with Rachel in the Art Tree group and she's a great friend. We met over a bottle of peroxide... I was buying it to bleach bones and as a fellow artist, only she could understand!
If you want to come and see how I got inspired to get off my butt and be brave and exhibit my work, come and see her show and met Rachel. She's the reason I do what I do today... :)
AND her work is divine. She captures the environment, landscape and ohhhh the BIRDS! with such passion.

Cade Turner... I adore Cade's photographs and he is also a great mate.  He seems as busy as... well Cade me!... but still ALWAYS has time for advice and support. I want to fall into his photographs, he truly can paint with a camera... he is showing at the
Underground ARTmarket Exhibition 
1/294 Sydney Road, Balgowlah 2093
opens next Saturday 4th September 6 - 8pm
this looks like an awesome event and the space that Kere at Red Olive Studios has created has caused a lot of buzz... she's another amazing artist who puts a lot into the community.

WELL that's it... will be posting invitations to my Manly Arts Festival events on here this week. I'm in the "Mad Tea Party" exhibition at Studio 4 and at "Biodiversity" exhibition at the International School of Management
What am I creating? There will be Alice, the White Rabbit Teacups and Birds!

Look after the planet.... look again and see how you can..


PS... if someone has discovered how one can clone oneself or has access to a time machine please call. :)

A day or TWO at the Museum

DARCEYzentangle1 I am REALLY REALLY excited about this...

I've been asked to teach at the Australian Museum in Sydney.
I can't do sculpture as it has to be something simple
that people can do fairly quickly within the "Alive" event.

So I took along my Zentangles which I create from patterns in nature. Some of which in a bit of a twist will be shown at my solo later this year.
They loved it and that's what I'll be teaching.
So if you are thinking of a Museum trip... who isn't?... drop by and say HI and do some nature doodling with me. Great for kids big and small.

Nature Zentangles at the Australian Museum
with artist Cheralyn Darcey
12th & 13th September
as part of the Museum's  "Alive" event
a celebration of the International Year of Biodiversity 2010

PS... and I am exhibiting in the Manly Festival of Art Biodiversity exhibition at the School of Management Darley Road too... but that is my Wren friend!

Sunday at the Sanctuary

  Flyer1 WOW what a great day!!
It was so very nice meeting people and really really cool to talk with the kids I met about what I was doing. A few little sculptors out there??
I really enjoyed learning about the regeneration programs and even for me, learning about a few of my local flora and fauna buddies that i didn't realize I shared my neighbourhood with.
The Sanctuary is open year round and it is a beautiful place to go bush walking (short and easy, or long hike), picnicking and harbour gazing.
OK what am I doing? Well out of yesterday I've collected loads of information and inspiration along with 19 other artists and we are now all back in our studios (magic workshop for me!) creating artworks to be shown at "The Beauty of Biodiversity" Art Exhibition 18 + 19 September College of Management, Manly (you know where Nicole Kidman tied the knot!)

I am REALLY moved by the story of the White Banksia... more soon. Oh and those Fairy Wrens followed me EVERYWHERE all day.  mmmm Faery Fairy Wren?? Oh how fun!!
S2 S3 S4

a few inspirations from the day....

the area was once an old army base and there are loads of old structures and rusty dusty things. The first pic is of the Hanging Swamp... an amazing area!

Sunday at the Sanctuary, (THIS Sunday!)

San1 Looking for something INTERESTING to do this Sunday in the Manly, Sydney area???
I'm one of the 'Artists with Easels"... mmm but no easel as I'll be be wandering around sketching, photographing and treasure hunting as I plan an artwork for the follow up exhibition during the Manly Arts Festival in September at the "Beauty of Biodiversity" Art Exhibition, International College of Management.

There will be 19 other artists, most actually painting their pieces on the day, along with, I think, two photographers. As well as all the other activities, this is a great opportunity to come and talk with artists during 'work hours'. I love sharing what I do and if you see me, come and have a chat. I have a plan that involves recreating some of the flowers of the area. No picking!! All protected. :) Could change depending on what I see and feel on the day.
It IS tempting to sculpt another owl looking at that poster though... :)

It's not ALL Art... there are Bush Walks, Aboriginal Storytelling, Kids Activities, Live entertainment, a BBQ and MUCH MORE...

This Sunday, North Head, 10am - 4pm

Artemis and Me

F4 Here we go... me being all Frida Kahlo SERIOUS with Artemis.
My beloved owl went to a new home and I was so proud that she achieved the first bid in the auction as well. Raised much needed support to for the Inspire Foundation.

Artemis Anew... is HERE!!

Artemis1 Artemis2  Artemis4 "Artemis Anew"
assemblage of found objects and hemp canvas
103 x 65 x 32cm
plastic retail hang sell strips, hemp canvas, recycled wire, hen's egg, book text, modeling clays, steel washers, chain, wooden bead, paint, old metal sign, camp fire cooking rings

(plastic hang sell strips are used in supermarkets and large stores to display items vertically)

Artemis will be auctioned tonight (Saturday 14th August)  to support the Inspire Foundation at Sydney's first Laneway Ball DETAILS HERE

tickets here from Moshtix

If you can't make it and would still like to place a bid please phone me ASAP 0408105864

Artemis is the first in a new series which will be shown at my solo "Reconciled Rejections" later this year in Manly. Along with this series of birds, I will also be showing figurative sculptures, shrines, collages and drawings.

Artemis Anew

She woke me Laneup last night.... Artemis! I had to go down at 1am and just sit and look... and marvel that I was blessed to be able to bring this particular vision to life.... pics this afternoon... oh how I wish I could bid on you Artemis for you have taught me so much about myself while bringing you to life. You are meant for another but I hope with all my heart that where you land you bring much joy and wisdom. 

Sydney's First Laneway Ball

"Artemis Anew" my work,  is one of six pieces of artwork by Sydney artists to be auction on the night to raise much needed support of the Inspire Foundation.

I am now inspired to continue creating birds and so Artemis will be very special as she is my first. Life sized (a 1 meter wing span), created from recycled materials and found objects.


Designed my invitation tonight... well the front anyway. Tired now and a Unit to review for college tonight... oh dear! Will design back tomorrow... all the info re the place, times, opening night... my wonderful guest speaker who is opening my exhibition... the band... the poet... and more... stay tuned!

For anyone wondering about my exhibition title, (those new to my art),  I work with found objects and recycled materials.

Exhibition is being held at Studio 4, Complete Framing, North Manly, Sydney Australia AND it's my very first solo.

To Be Inspired



Every been to a Laneway Ball? Me either so now is the time!! Support an awesome group and have a magical evening at the same time...

The Inspire Foundation
Our mission is to help millions of young people lead happier lives.
We combine technology with the direct involvement of young people to deliver innovative and practical online programs that prevent youth suicide and improve young people's mental health and wellbeing.

Temperance Lane, just behind George Street Sydney's Apple Mac store, will be transformed into a magical world celebrating the beauty of Australia’s diverse landscape. Kymera are bringing the wetlands and outback near the Murray River into the heart of the city, creating the images of a “Red Earth”. Temperance Lane and the Grasshopper Bar will be the canvas for unique artworks created by Rachel Carroll and her artistic team for the event which will be auctioned on the night.

I'm one of Rachel Carrolls' band of merry artists who have created a piece to be auctioned on the night. Each artist created their piece especially for the foundation. Me? I've created a lifesized assemblage owl. He's made from recycled plastics, hemp canvas, metals and painted in my steampunky style.

300 Tickets ONLY and available through Moshtix $75, includes event entry and...

* a $95 SLA Make-up Studio and Academy MAKEOVER Voucher
* Free flowing Sparkling Wine
* 3 drinks (Beer, Wine, or an Inspire Cocktail)
* Canapés
* To Be Inspired Art Exhibition
*after party admission to Tatlers
See you at the Laneway Ball on Saturday, 14 August!
More info on the ball HERE

Ohhh and it's fancy dress! Come as someone or something that inspires you.
Hope to see you there. As I said it's an amazing foundation doing wonderful work.
Inspire Laneway Ball Facebook Page