I'm spinning :)

WOW I've NEVER been this busy in my life! It's good but I'd like a bit of a dreamy day off I think. Every day and night is booked.
I've been missing a few things that I'd like to attend too and dates are slipping past me. So sorry if you are on my neglected list... will catch up soon... I promise!!
Another thing, I KNOW I promised a tutorial or two on jewelery making and I will have the first one ready by tomorrow for those waiting.
I have been busy writing another article for Goddess magazine, out October, and am thrilled with results. It's a little drawing lesson and supports the work I'm doing at the Australian Museum.
Meetings, exhibitions, work work work....Out of all this maddess some great things are happening.
As mentioned teaching at the Museum is such an amazing experience that I'm sooooo looking forward to.  I'm also working on curating an exhibition in the city next year... THAT'S exciting, news soon.

I've organized  support of a wonderful local group caring for the Little Penguins of Manly and will feature a penguinManly volunteer penguin sculpture at my solo exhibition in November "Reconciled Rejections",  later this year for auction with all proceeds to going to assist their ongoing commitment.  Be a good visitor to Manly and be aware of how you impact this fragile colony. They also need more people to become Wardens to help protect the colony. More information about the Little Penguins www.mec.org.au


Exhibitions coming up THIS week  that I'd recommend...

Rach Rachel Carroll at Painters Gallery Mona Vale
opening night THIS Thursday 6pm

I exhibit with Rachel in the Art Tree group and she's a great friend. We met over a bottle of peroxide... I was buying it to bleach bones and as a fellow artist, only she could understand!
If you want to come and see how I got inspired to get off my butt and be brave and exhibit my work, come and see her show and met Rachel. She's the reason I do what I do today... :)
AND her work is divine. She captures the environment, landscape and ohhhh the BIRDS! with such passion.

Cade Turner... I adore Cade's photographs and he is also a great mate.  He seems as busy as... well Cade me!... but still ALWAYS has time for advice and support. I want to fall into his photographs, he truly can paint with a camera... he is showing at the
Underground ARTmarket Exhibition 
1/294 Sydney Road, Balgowlah 2093
opens next Saturday 4th September 6 - 8pm
this looks like an awesome event and the space that Kere at Red Olive Studios has created has caused a lot of buzz... she's another amazing artist who puts a lot into the community.

WELL that's it... will be posting invitations to my Manly Arts Festival events on here this week. I'm in the "Mad Tea Party" exhibition at Studio 4 and at "Biodiversity" exhibition at the International School of Management
What am I creating? There will be Alice, the White Rabbit Teacups and Birds!

Look after the planet.... look again and see how you can..


PS... if someone has discovered how one can clone oneself or has access to a time machine please call. :)

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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