And another Cup of Tea....
Creating Talismans - Goddess Magazine Article

Alice? Alice?.....

  Alice1 Ahhh the joys of getting your internet speed back at the start of the month!
As promised a sneeky Peek at Alice. She will be on show in September during the Manly Arts Festival. Part of the "Mad Tea Party" at Studio 4.  She's available.

So much on at the moment and being down with the flu hasn't helped! (is it the flu? I had the shot!). Just about back on deck now.

Have a few commissions to complete this week and really need to get back to jewelery making as I know I have a few people waiting for those to become available.
It's a funny situation I find myself in, needing more time to create more art as it's going so well but still needing the day job as the art isn't paying the bills!
I think the reality is that my art is very time consuming.
I've written for a couple of magazines lately, but it's a non paying gig. Fun though and I love the idea of sharing what I know. BUT again time consuming without pay! Maybe I need to conjure up a few more hours in each day.

I wrote a requested article for a new Australian magazine "Goddess" which is on sale now. Very simple little thing on how to use ribbon closures and jump rings, will  put it up on here today if,  like me,  you can't get the magazine in your area.  I don't have a copy either! :)

“Alice, Do You Like What You See Now?”
assemblage of found objects
50 x 24 x 15cms

plank - neighbors old veranda c1950s, door lock c1920s, vodka bottle, shearers comb c1940s, silver nail polish bottle label, mirror tiles, mirror pieces, hand mirror, aluminum flashing, sequin waste, doll hands, modeling clays, wire, adhesives, paints, nails