"Green Tara Listens"
While I was away...

I'm IN!!!!!!!!!!!

The Warringah  Art Exhibition 2010 that is.
Sooooooooooooo happy with this.

On LOTS of levels.
1. It's my council area. Nice to represent the local artist network (the prize is open to anyone).
2. I took a HUGE risk I think but submitting a Faery. (I was worried she wouldn't be as well received as my more conceptual pieces.)
3. I LOVE the gallery that is hosting it.
4. Did I say a Faery!!! (I adore the fact that she will attract kids and they might be entranced with her message to look after what is already here)
5. I'm in a local exhibition ("Together" at Studio 4 North Many) and the Warringah Art Exhibition AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!
6. FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY people are liking my work THIS side of the bridge!
7. Selene is going to the Ball.........
4 1

2 Is there a Selene? Of course!

The Warringah Art Exhibition will be held from:
  • Thursday 15 July to Sunday 25 July
  • 10am - 4pm daily
  • Artfocus Gallery and Studio
  • cnr Powells and Mitchell Roads, Brookvale