And another Cup of Tea....


“Cheer Up Sad Sack”

series: Cups and Assorted Sorcery

assemblage of found objects: onion bag, metal couplings, wire, paper, thread
8 x 17 x 14cms

Manly Arts Festival 2010
“A Mad Tea Party”
Studio 4, Pittwater Road  North Manly
3 – 19th September

ohhh did I promise Alice?.... soooon :)

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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Jul 30
It's been so interesting wandering about picking up what others don't care for anymore. Having mad scientist fun with beeswax too. I'm in a group show with the Art Tree ( during the Manly Arts Festival this year based on...
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Alice? Alice?.....

Aug 1
Ahhh the joys of getting your internet speed back at the start of the month! As promised a sneeky Peek at Alice. She will be on show in September during the Manly Arts Festival. Part of the "Mad Tea Party"...