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July 2010

And another Cup of Tea....


“Cheer Up Sad Sack”

series: Cups and Assorted Sorcery

assemblage of found objects: onion bag, metal couplings, wire, paper, thread
8 x 17 x 14cms

Manly Arts Festival 2010
“A Mad Tea Party”
Studio 4, Pittwater Road  North Manly
3 – 19th September

ohhh did I promise Alice?.... soooon :)

Next Exhibition...

Button1 It's been so interesting wandering about picking up what others don't care for anymore. Having mad scientist fun with beeswax too.
I'm in a group show with the Art Tree ( during the Manly Arts Festival this year based on THE Mad Tea Party.
 1st in this series...

“…he just Pushed My Buttons”

series: Cups and Assorted Sorcery

assemblage of found objects fast food packet, buttons, thread, wire plastic discs of unknown origin


Manly Arts Festival 2010
“A Mad Tea Party”
Studio 4, Pittwater Road  North Manly
3 – 19th September

My work will comprise of a series of tea cup sculptures and two figure sculptures.... yes at least one Alice... she's already done :).... sneeky peeky on Sunday, right here!

Much more Better!

As my daughter used to say.... :)
Oh the dreaded metal capsule that flings you through the air and subjects you to breathing in everyone's germs! YIKES! Delayed flight that sat on tarmac for 40mins while I listened to a chorus of coughing didn't help matters.
I came down with a dose of SOMETHING after my Melbourne trip and have been out for the count.
But have to say am VERY happy with the quick recovery.... yeah!!! things are getting better!!

Started 5 new gals yesterday and got sketching on my Alice body of work for the Manly Arts Festival.
 My son took me to see Inception today as he's here for a visit for the weekend, last in a long time.
WOW.... best movie I've seen since... yeah actually it IS one of the best movies I've EVER seen.

Will have you talking for ages afterward. LOVED the audience reaction in the last few minutes. The energy was AMAZING. I've NEVER sat in a movie and joined everyone else in such audible anticipation. We where all .... "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." Then EVERYONE was talking afterward.  PURE BRILLIANCE. (See it you will understand!)
It's like nothing you have seen before. I was thinking Matrix  just from the clips but no, it's on it's own. LOVE IT!!
lol even now I'm like... "oh hang on what about.... 10 years?.... mmmm he looked older than 10 additional years!.... and what about? ......." and on it goes! lol lol lol
It's a DVD purchase for sure!!

While I was away...

Webj2 YES... I've been away.
My beautiful son Jared joined the Navy earlier this year to become a Clearance Diver like Dad. He just finished his Recruit training in Melbourne.  Next stop Seamanship and Weapons (yikes) then back to Sydney I HOPE by the end of the year.
So proud of him. :)

Passing out Parade on a VERY chilly Melbourne early morning!

I'm IN!!!!!!!!!!!

The Warringah  Art Exhibition 2010 that is.
Sooooooooooooo happy with this.

On LOTS of levels.
1. It's my council area. Nice to represent the local artist network (the prize is open to anyone).
2. I took a HUGE risk I think but submitting a Faery. (I was worried she wouldn't be as well received as my more conceptual pieces.)
3. I LOVE the gallery that is hosting it.
4. Did I say a Faery!!! (I adore the fact that she will attract kids and they might be entranced with her message to look after what is already here)
5. I'm in a local exhibition ("Together" at Studio 4 North Many) and the Warringah Art Exhibition AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!
6. FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY people are liking my work THIS side of the bridge!
7. Selene is going to the Ball.........
4 1

2 Is there a Selene? Of course!

The Warringah Art Exhibition will be held from:
  • Thursday 15 July to Sunday 25 July
  • 10am - 4pm daily
  • Artfocus Gallery and Studio
  • cnr Powells and Mitchell Roads, Brookvale