Throw Them Out??

Photo(46) Throw them out? THROW them out!!? I think not! Each is about 8cm long. They are plastic coated metal hooks and get this, they are only used to hold stock together while shipping. Very sad stuff. :(  Time to turn it around.... it's Alchemy time!!!! I can't change the fact they are here, YET, but I can change what happens next.
My boss said... "you are a crow" then quickly apologized... not needed, I am VERY proud to be one... Throw them out? You MUST be joking. Stay tuned while the Crow works out something magical.
bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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Meet Two New Girls...

May 28
First girly ready! AND most important one. This exhibition, the group I'm exhibiting with is supporting Tibet and I'm donatating 100% of the sale price of this, my first piece in this body of work AND my very first ever...
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All the Photos of Anita Bella Rose

Jun 4
"Old School - Anita Bella Rose" Cheralyn Darcey 2010 assemblage sculpture of found objects 51 x 38 x 28cms commission NFS wooden plank (neighbours veranda c1950s), door lock c1920s, Imperia Russian Vodka bottle from Thailand, silver liquor glass c1960s, doll...